Hazbin Hotel Season 1’s 10 Funniest Scenes, Ranked
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Hazbin Hotel Season 1’s 10 Funniest Scenes, Ranked

Warning: This list contains spoilers for Hazbin Hotel season 1.




  • Wacky characters and clever writing fuel comedy in
    Hazbin Hotel
    , mixing dark adult humor with themes of redemption.
  • Dry humor and sarcastic characters contribute to the show’s comedic moments, with talented voice actors elevating the jokes.
  • Comedy in
    Hazbin Hotel
    isn’t just vulgar or violent; it also highlights character flaws and hypocritical behavior with witty humor.

The funniest scenes in Hazbin Hotel season 1 are driven by the wacky characters and writing style of show creator Vivienne “VivziePop” Medrano. As a show set in Hell, it is unsurprising that Hazbin Hotel has a lot of dark humor, which accompanies an earnest story about friendship and redemption. In her mission to redeem Hell’s residents at her hotel, Princess Charlie Morningstar (Erika Henningsen) meets and befriends many hilarious characters who turn the show into a cleverly off-beat comedy.

However, Hazbin Hotel’s funniest scenes aren’t necessarily all vulgar or violent. Many of the main Hazbin Hotel characters have sarcastic personalities and lend themselves well to moments of clever, dry humor. With excellent timing and talented voice actors who improvise some of the best moments, the jokes land well and elevate the story. The main characters point out each other’s flaws, yet push each other to improve. Other jokes are funny but highlight the hypocrisy of the angels. The witty humor is a crucial part of the show and will continue to be so in Hazbin Hotel season 2.


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10 Adam Guessing What Charlie Means By “Our Biggest Problem”

Season 1, Episode 1: “Overture”

Adam looking confused in Hazbin Hotel

Charlie eagerly goes to a meeting with Extermination Day villains Adam (Alex Brightman) and Lute (Jessica Vosk), where she realizes quickly that Adam is generally awful. When she says she has a “solution to [their] biggest problem,” Adam’s first response makes an amusing and sharp contrast between the way he and Charlie think. His next guesses include ugly people, math, and having to repeatedly pay for the check. Adam throwing out random “problems” is not the best humor in the show, but it is a funny way to show how clueless and terrible he is.

9 Lucifer Working On A Rubber Duck

Season 1, Episode 5: “Dad Beat Dad”

Charlie’s father Lucifer (Jeremy Jordan) looms in the background of Hazbin Hotel before making his grand first appearance midway through the season…and he is not what people expect. The humor in Lucifer’s introduction uses a somewhat basic contrast between Niffty (Kimiko Glenn) calling him “the ultimate bad boy” before cutting to Lucifer’s intently working on an automated rubber duck, surrounded by piles of ducks. Yet, however cloying the joke may be, it is made up for by Jordan’s voice acting as Lucifer proudly holds up the “magic-tastical back-flipping rubber duck!” This leads to a whole episode of Lucifer’s embarrassing dad antics.

8 Angel Says “Oooo, Drama”

Season 1, Episode 5: “Dad Beat Dad”

Husk, Angel, and Sir Pentious eat popcorn in Hazbin Hotel

At one point, Charlie tearfully says to Lucifer: “How come [Alastor] can have faith in me but my own father can’t?”This prompts Angel (Blake Roman) to butt in with a satisfied, “Oooo, drama,” as he, Husk (Keith David), and Sir Pentious (Brightman) watch from the sideline. The moment’s comedy is completed by Angel having a bucket of popcorn on hand to share with Husk. It’s maybe not the nicest thing to do, but a lot of the show’s jokes are based on making fun of friends, and Angel and Husk’s moments of friendship make them Hazbin Hotel’s best duo.

7 The Vees Watching The Final Battle

Season 1, Episode 8: “The Show Must Go On”

The Vees watching the final battle in Hazbin hotel

The final episode’s comedy is punctuated by the occasional cut away to show Vox (Christian Borle), Velvette (Lilli Cooper), and Valentino (Joel Perez) watching the battle between the hotel and the angels. Vox overreacts to everything that happens, while Velvette and Val lounge around uninterested. Yet, they are both still watching it with Vox every time it comes back to them. This goes on until Val is bemused by Lucifer accidentally saying something suggestive, and they are all shocked by Adam’s bizarre death. It turns out, the random interruptions to show the Vees was the perfect, hilarious way to compliment the final battle.

6 Trust Falls At The Hazbin Hotel

Season 1, Episode 3: “Scrambled Eggs”

Charlie hands things over to Vaggie who instructs everyone to do trust falls, leading to a scene that showcases the different shades of humor in everyone’s character.

The hotel is in for an overly dramatic day when Charlie and Vaggie (Stephanie Beatriz) attempt to lead the group in trust exercises. Charlie hands things over to Vaggie who instructs everyone to do trust falls, leading to a scene that showcases the different shades of humor in everyone’s character. Before falling backward, Charlie gets emotional about how much she loves everyone, Angel says something dirty, Pentious laments the loss of his minions, and Niffty says something that disturbs everyone. It’s a great scene that shows how the hotel supposedly works with different funny beats from everyone.


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5 The Egg Bois On Bank Accounts

Season 1, Episode 7: “Hello Rosie!”

Sir Pentious gesturing to an Egg Bois in Hazbin hotel

The Egg Bois get a lot of funny moments out of their cluelessness, but this one is perfectly timed, and Brightman’s delivery of Pentious’ exasperation is hysterical.

Vaggie is not happy to find out that one of the Egg Bois (Joe Gran) told Pentious months earlier that it was possible to kill an angel, to which Pentious defends himself with: “They say insane s**t all the time! How was I supposed to know this one was true?” Right on cue, another of the Egg Bois says: “Bank accounts are a scam created by the shadow government.” The Egg Bois get a lot of funny moments out of their cluelessness, but this one is perfectly timed, and Brightman’s delivery of Pentious’ exasperation is hysterical.

4 Niffty Kills Adam

Season 1, Episode: “The Show Must Go On”

Niffty kills Adam in Hazbin Hotel

The Egg Bois are funny by being ignorant, while Niffty is funny by being an unstoppable and vicious ball of energy. Charlie and everyone else makes a show out of sparing Adam, who rants about how he is better than all of them — before the moment is interrupted by Niffty stabbing him in the back, covered in angel blood herself. She then stabs him several more times and laughs maniacally. Niffty is the source of most of the show’s morbid humor and is so frenetic and oddly adorable that she is always funny.

3 Angel Blames Vaggie

Season 1, Episode 3: “Scrambled Eggs”

Charlie and Vaggie after Vaggie throws Angel off a roof in Hazbin Hotel

With standard trust exercises not going well, Vaggie decides to throw most of the hotel residents off a roof into a fight to learn trust through defending each other in battle. After everyone is gone, Charlie is left on the roof with Vaggie. They are arguing over Vaggie’s teaching methods when Angel is heard shouting: “I blame you for this you crazy b***h!”The show’s creator Vivienne Medrano even highlighted this as a joke she loved, which was improvised by Roman while the cast was recording background conversation for certain scenes (via YouTube).

2 Vagatha

Season 1, Episode 8: “The Show Must Go On”

It wouldn’t be Hazbin Hotel if the final battle weren’t broken up with comedic moments. While the Vees are watching from the comfort of their living room and Vaggie is sweetly reminding Charlie to stay focused, Pentious is being very extra, having donned a general’s uniform for the occasion. Apparently in line with this posh attitude, he shouts to Vaggie: “Get ready for them Vagatha!” It is a completely random, laugh-out-loud moment in the middle of the chaos, to which Vaggie only responds that it is not her name, but that she’s ready.


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1 Susan

Season 1, Episode 7: “Hello Rosie!”

Susan in Hazbin Hotel

Rosie (Leslie Rodriguez Kritzer) warns Charlie that she will have trouble winning over a woman named Susan (Glenn) as she attempts to recruit Cannibal Town. Charlie hasn’t even begun her speech when an elderly woman starts booing her, prompting Charlie to ask, “Susan?” “Susan,” Alastor and Rosie affirm. It is overall, an incredibly simplistic and witty moment centering around an outrageous character the audience has never seen before. The scene only gets better with Susan continuing to boo Charlie and Charlie eventually losing her composure and cursing Susan. It is definitely the funniest moment in the first season of Hazbin Hotel.

All episodes of Hazbin Hotel are available to stream on Amazon Prime.

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