How Do Steve Moy & Noi Phommasak’s Lives Compare In 2024?
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How Do Steve Moy & Noi Phommasak’s Lives Compare In 2024?


  • Noi and Steve from Married at First Sight season 14 split due to communication issues and financial disagreements.
  • Steve quickly moved on and released a book, while Noi focused on her influencer career. She promoted dating services.
  • The former couple no longer follow each other on social media. They haven’t since their breakup announcement.



Noi Phommasak and Steve Moy tied the knot in Married at First Sight season 14 but have since gone their separate ways. The talent acquisition coordinator and the former sales engineer fell for each other in 2022. They seemed like an ideal match and were among the best Married at First Sight season 14 duos. Noi and Steve met at the altar, married each other, and were excited about building their life together. They had strong chemistry overall, but sometimes argued about finances. Noi and Steve flew to San Juan, Puerto Rico to celebrate their honeymoon.

The couple had a dramatic trip but stayed together, seemingly stronger than ever. Unfortunately, things changed after the honeymoon phase. The two began fighting more, clashing over their family income, savings, and other money matters. Noi wanted Steve to work more so they could have more financial security. Steve wasn’t doing enough to make Noi comfortable, which led to more communication problems. Since the two had very different ways of discussing things, they failed to build a happy future together. The Married at First Sight season 14 couple announced their split in 2022.


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Steve & Noi’s Journey

Steve Wrote A Book & Is In A Relationship

Steve moved on quickly after his divorce from Noi. Not only did he get back into a relationship, but he also made a big name for himself.

In December 2022,


released his book,
“Dedication: Life, Love and Following Your Dreams.”

He announced it on social media, stating that it was one of his goals, and he was happy to say that his work was ready. Steve also didn’t wait long to try his hand at love again. In November 2023, he posted a cuddly photo with his girlfriend, Mindy. He grabbed her by her waist and looked happy.

Noi Is Trying To Be An Influencer

Noi Is Promoting Matchmaking Company & Products

Noi also didn’t sit there and cry over her failed marriage. She moved on quickly and started pouring time and effort into her social media influencer career. In March 2024, Noi promoted a dating service on her social media. She looked content with her life and implied that she had been using the same website for her own. That said, Noi hasn’t yet revealed her relationship status on social media. While she looks single, she may be keeping her relationship private. The Boston resident has many posts highlighting that she loves to travel and hang out.

Are Steve and Noi Still Friends?

They Don’t Follow Each Other

Noi Phommasak Steve Moy Married At First Sight Wedding Picture

Steve and Noi haven’t only moved on with their respective lives but are completely over each other. The two no longer have anything in common, not even social media. Steve and Noi don’t follow each other on Instagram or other social platforms. They had a rough breakup, which may be why they didn’t want to engage with or care for each other. Steve is happy with his life and girlfriend. Similarly, his Married at First Sight season 14 co-star, Noi, is too busy with work, making a name for herself.

Married At First Sight

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