How Maria Georgas Tried To Manipulate Joey Graziadei (Why I Think It Backfired)
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How Maria Georgas Tried To Manipulate Joey Graziadei (Why I Think It Backfired)


  • Maria’s attempt to manipulate Joey backfired, affecting their relationship.
  • Joey was attracted to Maria from the start, but her behavior has caused a shift.
  • Despite being a front-runner, Maria is not rumored to win Joey’s heart on The Bachelor season 28.



The Bachelor season 28 star Joey Grazadei gave Maria Georgas one of four hometown date roses, but her attempt to manipulate him blew up in her face. This season of The Bachelor was historic in that it featured 32 single women, which is the most women included during any past season. After a series of dates, cocktail parties, rose ceremonies, and dramatic interludes, Joey has whittled down from 32 to four women, hopeful to be the future Mrs. Grazadei.

The cast of The Bachelor season 28 includes Maria, a 29-year-old executive assistant from Kleinburg, Ontario, Canada. Joey took an immediate liking to the quirky young woman with whom he shared fantastic banter and countless laughs. Maria seemed to be a front-runner until she completely lost her composure during a recent episode and tried to manipulate Joey into giving her a group date rose. Her attempt failed and backfired terribly, nearly resulting in her being sent home.


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Maria Threatened To Leave

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The Bachelor 28 contestant Maria was salty about being chosen for a group date instead of a one-on-one, as were all the other women on the group date. Knowing there would be a group date rose, Maria took Joey aside and told him she was seriously thinking about leaving. Since falling for someone who doesn’t reciprocate his feelings is Joey’s biggest fear, he completely shut down and declined to hand out the group date rose. Maria convinced him to give her one of the four hometown dates, but it’s clear that his opinion of her has changed.

Joey And Maria’s Journey

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Joey was instantly attracted to Maria from the moment she stepped out of the limo, and she was one of the women Joey kissed on night one. Earlier in the season, Maria found herself embroiled in a bizarre drama with Sydney Gordon and Leah Cayana, who were clearly jealous of Maria’s connection with Joey. Joey tacitly took Maria’s side when he sent both Sydney and Leah home.

Does Maria Win?

Though the winner hasn’t been announced and Maria is a front-runner, she’s not one of the women rumored to have won Joey’s heart on The Bachelor season 28. According to the spoiler account Reality Steve, Joey does not pick Maria at the end of The Bachelor season 28. However, Reality Steve has been wrong before when he predicted Daisy would be Joey’s pick, so all spoilers should be taken lightly.

The Bachelor

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Source: Reality Steve

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The Bachelor

The Bachelor is a reality dating series that premiered in 2002. It follows one man’s search for his potential fiancé among several different women. As they travel the world and have exciting one-on-one and group dates, romance and drama develop. The Bachelor has led to many popular spin-offs, including The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise. 

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