How To Solve The Lunar Shrine Puzzle In Divinity: Original Sin 2
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How To Solve The Lunar Shrine Puzzle In Divinity: Original Sin 2

One of the more complex puzzles in Divinity: Original Sin 2 blocks your group from entering the Lunar Shrine, a location that only allows those of the right alignment to enter. The fully realized world of this Western-style RPG offers much to anyone who manages to get inside the Shrine. The secrets of this hidden temple are worth uncovering, but only to those clever enough to find the puzzle’s solution.



The Lunar Shrine can be found on the Nameless Isle and features multiple pillar altars that you must align the right way to open the way forward. You need to explore this area to find the clues needed to move each altar to its correct position. Some of the hardest boss fights and enemy encounters can be discovered within the shrine, so make sure your characters are strong enough to enter.


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How To Find Solutions For The Lunar Shrine Puzzle

When you arrive at the Nameless Isle, you’ll quickly see the Lunar Shrine in an area blocked by several altars surrounding a central pillar. Each of these altars corresponds with every available race in the game, making seven in total. The correct way to solve the puzzle is to find out which races prefer alignment with symbols representing the Sun or Moon.

According to the above video by YouTube creator
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, the available races in the game are Wizard, Lizard, Elf, Human, Ump, Dwarf, and Orc in case you need to know which mirrored altars to look for while searching for clues on the Nameless Isle.

One of the best ways to discover solutions for the Lunar Shrine puzzle is to explore the entire Nameless Isle. Not only will you obtain valuable weapons or armor in Divinity: Original Sin 2 by doing this, but you will also find altars mirroring the ones near the shrine. The altars you uncover within this large area will show you which symbol the race it represents tends to prefer.

However, going across an entire island could take up a lot of time, so there are two faster ways to find the same solution. This path revolves around completing two quests called “An Unlikely Patron” and “The Sallow Man” initiated by various NPCs. While these are trickier to start, they finish much faster and allow you to get the information you need if you seek quick passage into the Lunar Shrine.

How To Complete An Unlikely Patron QuestDivinity Original Sin 2 Sallow Man

“An Unlikely Patron”starts at the Elven Temple location on your map, which could be hard to reach unless you have a fast travel waypoint unlocked near the structure. Travel to the top of the Temple to see two characters named Gareth and Bishop Alexander in a hostile standoff. The quest begins when you align your group with the Bishop and help him with his current situation in Divinity: Original Sin 2.

Similar to this RPG’s fleshed-out origin stories, there is a careful plot to follow here that could be affected by the actions of your group. You need to find a figure called the Sallow Man and are given an item by Bishop Alexander to help you accomplish this. Alexander gives you a cowl that can dispel the illusions the Sallow Man relies on to stay hidden, making this mission much easier.

You can find the Sallow Man at the Temple of Rhalic, an area guarded by a troll inside a cave you wouldn’t expect to be the entrance to a sacred place. Head further to the back of the cave and use the Cowl of True Sight Alexander gave you to see a fake wall leading toward the Sallow Man’s hiding spot. Kill the Sallow Man once you find him, then return to the Bishop to receive the answer to the Lunar Shrine puzzle.

If you have Ifen ben-Mez in your party when you return to Bishop Alexander after killing the Sallow Man, he will kill the Bishop before he can provide the answer. Make sure to take this character out of your group to prevent this from happening as you go back to the Temple.

How To Complete The Sallow Man QuestDivinity Original Sin 2 Sallow Man Close

“The Sallow Man” quest starts when you find the Sallow Man differently from the previous quest. All you have to do is kill a member of the Black Ring and use their black mirror to communicate with the Black Ring Captain. You can either accept orders given to your group by this Captain or speak with the NPC Almira at the beginning of the Chapter to start this quest officially.

The only trick or strategy in Divinity: Original Sin 2 for completing this quest is to kill Bishop Alexander. As you may already know, you can find him at the Elven Temple, so take him out and deliver his head to the Sallow Man to finish the mission. Your reward for doing this cruel act will be to gain the solution to the Lunar Shrine puzzle in the same way you could before by not eliminating the Bishop.

How To Enter The Lunar ShrineDivinity Original Sin 2 Lunar Puzzle Entrance

Once you have the right alignments for each altar, return to the Lunar Shrine and rotate the pillars accordingly. The symbol shaped like a crescent represents the Moon, while the circular star pairs with the Sun in Divinity: Original Sin 2. The alignments for each race should be designated as such:

  • Wizard: Moon
  • Lizard: Sun
  • Elf: Moon
  • Human: Sun
  • Ump: Moon
  • Dwarf: Moon
  • Orc: Sun

Completing every alignment correctly will give you the right order needed to activate the Phase Capacitor on top of the main plate in front of the Shrine. While you could place the Capacitor on this plate, you could also use skills that channel lightning to turn the device on. Flipping the switch near the gate will finally solve the Lunar Shrine puzzle in Divinity: Original Sin 2 and let you continue to the challenges ahead.

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