How Will Trent Season 2’s Paternity Speculation Haunts The Titular Agent Explained By EP
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How Will Trent Season 2’s Paternity Speculation Haunts The Titular Agent Explained By EP

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Will Trent season 2, episode 2!




  • Will Trent
    ‘s paternity speculation will impact him throughout season 2, confirms executive producer Daniel Thomsen.
  • James Ulster claims to be Will’s father, leading to a deepening mystery.
  • Season 2 will focus on Will’s uncle, leaving the true father mystery for a possible season 3.

Will Trent executive producer Daniel Thomsen has explained how the titular agent’s paternity speculation will impact him as season 2 continues. Season 2, episode 2 revealed that the GBI Special Agent still has family left alive, an uncle named Antonio Miranda. He got the information from James Ulster, a serial killer that murdered his mother when he was a boy – and who is now claiming to be his real father.

Speaking with TVLine, Thomsen revealed how Will Trent season 2 will show the titular character’s paternal questions haunt him as the show continues. The showrunner teases a connection between his flashbacks to when he was younger and James, indicating more about their dynamic has yet to be revealed. Check out what Thomsen had to say below:

I don’t know that Will has figured out what would ever get [James Ulster] to take the [paternity] test. [Will] starts to lose control of this thing that he has always been rewarded for, [which is] how he is able to look at the world in a certain way and control it and solve crime. He wonders what’s underneath the hood, and I think that is what [eventually] leads back to Ulster.

Is James Ulster Really Will Trent’s Father?

Will Trent looking concerned in Will Trent season 2 episode 2

James’ claim that he is related to Will doesn’t have any concrete validity yet, much less the idea that he is his father. However, he’s managed to get into the agent’s head following Cricket’s death, telling him about Antonio and deepening the mystery of his past. This also prompts him to start making a file on his uncle, trying to discern whatever information he can find that will lead him to his whereabouts.

While James’ statements aren’t confirmation that he’s Will’s dad, it’s a twist that could prove true depending on what else about the agent’s past gets revealed. His reunion with Antonio could be all the confirmation he needs, perhaps revealing more unknown details surrounding his mother’s death. It’s equally possible his uncle doesn’t know anything that will help him discover his true father, keeping the mystery alive.

In this same interview, Thomsen indicated Antonio will be the key focus for Will’s past in season 2, meaning his true father may not be explored for some time. This leaves the door open for a possible Will Trent season 3 to tackle these ideas, shining a brighter spotlight on James once more. With plenty of mystery still surrounding the title character’s family, it will be some time before his whole past gets fully explored.

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