Influencer broke leg tripping over dog
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Influencer broke leg tripping over dog

Tyreek Hill’s lawyer is claiming that the Miami Dolphins wide receiver didn’t break Sophie Hall’s leg — instead saying the model/influencer was injured tripping over a dog.

Dolphins’ Tyreek Hill sued by OnlyFans model

Dolphins’ Tyreek Hill sued by OnlyFans model

Hall is suing the eight-time Pro Bowler, alleging he “charged into her violently and with great force” during backyard football drills. However, Hill’s attorney, Julius B. Collins stated that Hall’s claims are “baseless” and believes that the lawsuit’s only purpose is to “generate bad publicity for Mr. Hill in an attempt to ‘scare tactic’ him into personally covering the cost of Ms. Hall’s medical bills,” according to a statement obtained by ESPN.

The lawsuit does mention the dog disrupting the drill, according to ESPN, but isn’t cited as the cause of injury. Collins accused Hall’s counsel of omitting that she tripped over the dog in the original suit.

Hall is suing Hill for assault and battery, and is asking for anywhere between $50,001 and $75,000. She requested a trial by jury.

In her suit, Hall, who has more than 2 million followers, says that she and her son attended the former Super Bowl champ’s June 17 football camp, where the Hill reportedly invited her back to his mansion.

While there, Hill allegedly asked Hall, 35, to participate in some one-on-one football drills during a training session in his backyard. It’s there, according to the suit, that Hall — running the ball toward Hill — shoved him backward, causing embarrassment. He reportedly asked Hall to switch, so he could rush at her. It’s on the fourth rep that Hall alleges that Cheetah “charged into her violently and with great force … causing her to suffer a right leg injury.”

Hill said the drills were “playful” and added that there is a pending claim with his homeowners’ insurance company, with the intention of “fully covering” Hall’s medical bills, per ESPN.

Miami Dolphins GM Chris Grier said that the team and the NFL are aware of the lawsuit.

“We were in communication with NFL security, so I really can’t comment on anything of that until we get all our information and find out what happened,” Grier said. “For us, Tyreek has been a good addition for us, but in terms of all the off-field stuff, we’ll have to get all the information before we can really comment on it.”

The news comes as Hill recently settled one of the several paternity suits against him.

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