Is The Shadowhunter Chronicles Finished? What We Know About Cassandra Clare’s Final Trilogy
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Is The Shadowhunter Chronicles Finished? What We Know About Cassandra Clare’s Final Trilogy


  • Cassandra Clare is not finished with her
    books yet, with one final trilogy planned in
    The Shadowhunter Chronicles
  • The upcoming trilogy,
    The Wicked Powers
    , will tie together all of Clare’s previous
    adventures and feature new conflicts.
  • The series will follow the younger generation introduced in
    The Dark Artifices
    , promising high stakes and a thrilling conclusion to the saga.



The Shadowhunter Chronicles currently spans five separate series and more than 20 books, and this may leave readers wondering if Cassandra Clare’s storytelling in this world is finished. Clare’s Shadowhunter novels kicked off with City of Bones back in 2007, which went on to spawn the six-book Mortal Instruments series. Since then, Clare has written prequel and sequel trilogies set in the same world, along with a number of short story collections focused on fan-favorite characters. Her Shadowhunter books have been adapted twice — once as a feature film and again as a Freeform show.

With The Shadowhunter Chronicles expanding so much over the years, it can be difficult to keep up with the new releases and the reading order of Clare’s books. Those less up to date with her work may also be wondering if she’s moved on from the Shadowhunters world. After all, Clare released her first adult fantasy novel in 2023, which is titled Sword Catcher. This will become a full series as well, but it doesn’t necessarily mean the end of The Shadowhunter Chronicles.

The Shadowhunter Books Are Not Finished Yet

Cassandra Clare Has 1 More Trilogy Planned

Freeform's Shadowhunters Season 3 Poster

Although Clare is delving into an all-new fantasy world in Sword Catcher, she’s not done writing Shadowhunter books just yet. The author has outlined her plans for her young adult fantasy saga on her website, According to the author, she’s still got one trilogy left before she bids farewell to this world for good — and knowing the overlap between Clare’s previous series, it seems likely this one will tie all her former Shadowhunters adventures together.

There’s no word on a release date for the first book in her final trilogy, but Clare has revealed the title of the series. She also announced the names of the books within the trilogy, as well as some intriguing plot details about her big conclusion. Given how long Clare has had The Shadowhunter Chronicles mapped out, it’s no wonder she already has so much of the ending figured out. Fans will have to wait to learn more about the next trilogy’s release, but they can rest knowing it’s planned and happening.

The Wicked Powers Will Be The Final Trilogy In The Shadowhunter Chronicles

The Series Will Take Readers Back To The Modern-Day Shadowhunters World

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According to Clare’s website, the last planned trilogy in The Shadowhunter Chronicles is called The Wicked Powers. It comes on the heels of The Last Hours trilogy, which serves as a sequel of sorts to The Infernal Devices and takes place at the beginning of the 20th century. The Wicked Powers will bring readers back to the modern-day Shadowhunters world, a fitting way to conclude the saga. It makes sense that this trilogy is the closest to the present day, especially The Mortal Instruments and The Dark Artifices take place in the 2000s and 2010s — and the endings of both series leave the door open for more sequels.

The books in The Wicked Powers trilogy are titled The Last King of Faerie, The Last Prince of Hell, and The Last Shadowhunter. These names feel both definitive and ominous, suggesting that the magical beings that inhabit Clare’s fantasy world might die out either during or after The Wicked Powers. With tensions remaining high between the Shadowhunters and the Fae, the titles also promise more on that front. That storyline has continued throughout Clare’s Shadowhunter Chronicles, so it’s no surprise that it will play a major role in the final series.

What We Know About Cassandra Clare’s Next Shadowhunters Trilogy

It Will Feature Familiar Faces & Have High Stakes

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In addition to releasing the titles of The Wicked Powers books and where the story falls in the Shadowhunter timeline, Clare shared some plot details about the next series on her website. The author noted that the final Shadowhunters trilogy will follow the younger generation introduced in The Dark Artifices: Kit Herondale, Ty Blackthorn, and Drusilla Blackthorn. She teased further conflict between demons and angels, as well as a “mysterious disappearance” and Dru getting wrapped up in problems unfolding in Faerie.

To drive home the fact that this is the last planned Shadowhunter trilogy, Clare also confirmed that readers will catch up with the main characters of her former series again — “probably for the last time ever.” It sounds like the stakes will be at an all-time high, so all these beloved characters may be needed to decide the fates of their people. Shadowhunter fans definitely won’t want to miss Clare’s conclusion to the saga, so they’ll want to keep an eye out for updates on the last installments in The Shadowhunter Chronicles.


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