Logan Movie Star Reignites MCU Cameo Theories With Marvel Set Photo
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Logan Movie Star Reignites MCU Cameo Theories With Marvel Set Photo


  • Rumors of a potential MCU cameo for Dafne Keen as X-23 have been reignited after she shared a photo from the set of
  • Marvel Studios may be bringing the X-Men Universe to a close in
    Deadpool & Wolverine
    , though several actors have been rumored for cameo appearances.
  • Speculation suggests Dafne Keen’s X-23 could appear in the MCU’s future, perhaps in
    Deadpool & Wolverine, Avengers 5, Avengers: Secret Wars
    or beyond.



Theories regarding a potential upcoming MCU cameo have been reignited after Dafne Keen shares an image from the production of 2017’s Logan. Released in March 2017, Logan marked the final project in Fox’s X-Men Universe for both Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart, as both actors retired from their roles of James “Logan” Howlett’s Wolverine and Charles Xavier’s Professor X, respectively, following the project’s release. Indeed, both actors have since reprised these roles, Stewart in 2022’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and Jackman in 2024’s upcoming Deadpool & Wolverine, and theories have suggested other Logan actors could follow suit.

With Deadpool & Wolverine, Marvel Studios is expected to be bringing Fox’s X-Men Universe to a conclusion, but several X-Men actors have been rumored to be making cameo appearances. This includes Dafne Keen, who could return as Laura, a.k.a. X-23, following her debut in Logan. Recently, Keen shared an image of herself with Hugh Jackman and director James Mangold from the set of Logan (via X).

While this seems to be in celebration of the 7th anniversary of Logan’s release, this image has spurred speculation that Dafne Keen may be returning as X-23 alongside Hugh Jackman in the MCU’s future.

Logan Wolverine Poster


Release Date
March 3, 2017

20th Century


What Dafne Keen Has Done Since Playing X-23 In Logan

Spanish-British actress Dafne Keen made her big Hollywood break at the age of 15 when cast as X-23 in Logan, and her career has grown ever since.

When Could Dafne Keen Return In The MCU?

Dafne Keen’s debut as Laura, a.k.a. X-23, the biological daughter of Wolverine, in Logan was hugely exciting, and laid the foundations for an entire new generation of X-Men stories in 20th Century Fox’s franchise. Unfortunately, her story hasn’t gone further, as Disney’s acquisition of Fox saw the franchise canceled, ready for mutants and the X-Men to make their way into the MCU. Even so, Dafne Keen has been heavily-rumored to be reprising her role in the MCU’s future, and with Hugh Jackman set to reprise his role of Wolverine in Deadpool & Wolverine, this may be more likely than ever.

Deadpool & Wolverine will take place prior to the events of Logan, making it difficult for Dafne Keen’s Laura to make an appearance. However, since the project will see Deadpool exploring the Void, it’s possible that an X-23 variant from an alternate reality could appear. Perhaps Keen’s X-23 could also have a role in Phase 6’s Avengers 5 and Secret Wars, which are expected to feature many returning heroes. There has also been speculation that Dafne Keen will be featured as the MCU’s official version of X-23 alongside a new actor as Wolverine, though this is yet to be confirmed.

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