Married At First Sight’s Cameron Frazer Exposed Clare Kerr’s Lies (What Has Clare Been Hiding?)
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Married At First Sight’s Cameron Frazer Exposed Clare Kerr’s Lies (What Has Clare Been Hiding?)


  • Cameron & Clare split amicably on Married At First Sight decision day despite conflicting gestures of reconciliation.
  • Clare accused Cameron of lying in front of the group, leading to a tense exchange where Cameron called her a manipulator.
  • Clare’s suspicious and conflicting behavior towards Cameron throughout the season hints at her manipulative nature in their marriage.



Married At First Sight star Cameron Frazer called out Clare Kerr for the secret she has been hiding since the season began. Cameron and Clare looked like the perfect match due to their undeniable chemistry during their wedding. However, that mirage was quickly broken when their conflicting personalities and beliefs about kids, religion, and intimacy became a theme during their honeymoon.

Unsurprisingly, Cameron and Clare decided to split about a month after saying their marriage vows. For most of Married At First Sight season 17, the two looked to have issues with communication, as they were always almost in conflict with each other. Clare portrayed Cameron as the partner who wanted someone slender and tall, wouldn’t pick up her calls, and even offered suggestions he might’ve been unfaithful. However, a recent revelation shows she might’ve been the manipulator all along.


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Cameron & Clare Both Said No On Decision Day Amicably

Cameron and Clare’s decision to split during Married At First Sight season 17, episode 11, just 31 days after their marriage, looked like the end of their marriage. However, throughout the preceding episodes, the pair made conflicting comments and gestures that suggested they might be willing to give their marriage another chance. Clare told Cameron she felt sad about their marriage, and Cameron confessed to co-star Brennan Shoykhet that he would also give their marriage a shot if Clare wanted to try.

However, Cameron and Clare said no to any chance of a relationship during decision day. Despite the tense situation, Cameron and Clare amicably parted ways. Although there were suggestions the pair might spring a surprise reconciliation on decision day, Cameron and Clare were never really a good fit for one another.

Cameron Called Clare Out For Lying In Front Of The Group

Married At First Sight's Cameron Frazer and Clare Kerr

Clare and Cameron looked like one of the couples who would go through decision day without any altercation; however, that quickly changed when Clare, while trying to interfere in Becca and Austin’s fight, suggested that all the wives had been silenced by their husbands during the season. Clare then alluded to Cameron asking her not to tell Emily about Brennan trying to date other women as an example of her being silenced. However, when Cameron claimed he mentioned going on a double date with Brennan, Clare accused him of lying.

Cameron, who couldn’t take Clare’s accusations anymore, shouted, “I’ve literally lied every single day of this fucking marriage to protect [Clare].” However, after storming off, Cameron revealed in his private interview that Clare had been instructing him on what to say on camera, noting, “The fact that she’s not attracted to me — that’s one of those things she told me I couldn’t say out loud. Oh, there we go! I just broke a promise!” Cameron then claimed Clare had been manipulating him from the very beginning.

Has Clare Been A Manipulator The Whole Season?

Since the pair tied the knot on Married At First Sight season 17, Clare’s attitude towards Cameron has been suspicious and conflicting. After initially indicating she wanted no physical touch from Cameron, Clare would later ask him for physical intimacy, which left Cameron confused. Also, despite championing their split, Clare would immediately become emotional anytime Cameron said anything about moving out.

Still, the revelation that Clare told Cameron she wasn’t attracted to him early on and telling him to keep it a secret indicates how manipulative she had been. Clare pretended she was invested in the relationship for most of Married At First Sight season 17, while Cameron played along to his detriment. However, it was great to see Cameron standing up for himself by calling Claire out.

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