Married At First Sight’s Michael Reveals What It Would Take To Commit To Chloe
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Married At First Sight’s Michael Reveals What It Would Take To Commit To Chloe


  • Michael & Chloe still unsure about their marriage on MAFS, need more time and “data” before committing on Decision Day.
  • Michael expresses the need for emotional connection & progress in marriage with Chloe, aims for significant level of commitment.
  • Despite uncertainties, Michael and Chloe show real feelings, support each other, and hope to end up together in the end.



Married At First Sight stars Michael Shiakallis and Chloe Brown may have more time to get to know one another, but what will it take for the couple to commit to one another on Decision Day? With Married At First Sight season 17 having given Michael a historic second chance after his first bride got cold feet and left him at the altar, his relationship with Chloe has been a first for the series. The pair, who got married while the other couples were just weeks from Decision Day, has been given more time to get to know each other.

In a preview clip from the next episode of MAFS season 17 (via People), Chloe and Michael discussed what’s next for them as they enjoyed an at-home spa, but the conversation quickly got serious. When Chloe asked Michael about what his decision would be if they were asked to make a Decision Day call immediately, he shared, “I would say that I feel that we’re trending in the positive direction towards a yes,” but explained he would need more “data” in order to continue their marriage. While Michael’s response was positive, Chloe found herself concerned that he wasn’t certain.

“I would say that I feel that we’re trending in the positive direction towards a yes”


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Michael & Chloe’s Married At First Sight Relationship Explained

Michael, who was thrilled to get a second chance at the MAFS experience with Chloe, tried to better explain what he meant when his bride was openly concerned. “[I would need to feel] we’ve not only solidified and created an emotional connection…but we’ve sustained it and progressed it to a degree, not just where I would say like, ‘I want to continue dating you’ because it’s not dating but I want to continue in this marriage, which I think is like a significant level,” Michael explained. Michael did his best to be honest with Chloe rather than placating her.

While Michael may not be entirely certain on his marriage to Chloe yet, it’s clear that he’s developed some real feelings for his MAFS wife. Michael’s second chance at marriage was Chloe’s first attempt, and both were happy to be able to go through the process together. While Michael’s eccentricities and Chloe’s specific goals have been something they’ve both had to get used to, the couple have both shown up for each other and done their best to be honest throughout the MAFS process. While their decisions aren’t clear yet, they’re both hopeful they’ll wind up together in the end.

As Michael and Chloe work toward a final decision together, their Married At First Sight journey is quickly coming to and end. With the rest of the MAFS season 17 couples having already made their final choices regarding their marriages, Michael and Chloe are still working through their connection and doing their best to figure out if they can see themselves together long-term. For the couple making Married At First Sight history, things are complicated, but the experts and the audience are hopeful they’ll be able to make their relationship work.

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