Michael Weatherly Shares Excitement For Tony/Ziva Spinoff, Promises More Surprises
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Michael Weatherly Shares Excitement For Tony/Ziva Spinoff, Promises More Surprises


  • Michael Weatherly teased more surprises for the upcoming Tony and Ziva spinoff on Paramount+.
  • Weatherly and Cote de Pablo will reprise their roles with John McNamara writing the episodes.
  • The spinoff will consist of ten episodes and follow Tony and Ziva on the run.



NCIS alum Michael Weatherly teases more surprises in the upcoming Tony and Ziva spinoff. As one of the most popular franchises created by CBS Studios, the long-running procedural drama will continue in several forms. First, it was announced that original star Mark Harmon would return to narrate and executive produce a Gibbs-focused prequel called NCIS: Origins for CBS. Then, in February, it was confirmed that Weatherly and Cote de Pablo are reprising their respective as Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David roles for another Paramount+ spinoff.

Weatherly shared his excitement for the news on social media, teasing more surprises to come.

The actor, who made a surprise appearance in the recent NCIS tribute episode to Ducky, was reacting to a pair of GIFs that included him, De Palo, and Harmon. Weatherly writes, in part: There are MORE surprises coming very soon!


Tony & Ziva Returning To NCIS Universe With Paramount+ Spinoff Show

The NCIS universe is continuing to grow as Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo are returning as Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David for a new spinoff show.

What To Know About Tony & Ziva’s New NCIS Show

Get ready for “Tiva” time

Weatherly and De Pablo will reunite on-screen for the first time in a decade, returning to their popular NCIS roles. The spinoff will consist of ten episodes, with The Magicians showrunner and Trumbo writer John McNamara penning the script. Weatherly, De Pablo, and McNamara are all also executive producers. According to reports, the spinoff will be titled NCIS: Europe and is planning to begin production later this year.

In the upcoming Paramount+ show, Tony and Ziva have been raising their daughter, Tali, together. But when Tony’s security company is attacked, the couple known as Tiva find themselves on the run in Europe.

The story will follow Tony and Ziva as they find themselves on the run across the continent. After the supposed death of Ziva in the main NCIS show, Tony left the team to raise the daughter he shares with Ziva. But years later, Ziva is discovered alive, leading her to complete one final mission before she’s reunited with Tony and their daughter in Paris.

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Why Cote De Pablo Left NCIS (& Returned 6 Years Later)

NCIS, with many spinoffs and 20 seasons and counting, has seen actors leave on multiple occasions. But Cote de Pablo’s exit and return impacted fans.

In the upcoming Paramount+ show, Tony and Ziva have been raising their daughter, Tali, together. But when Tony’s security company is attacked, the couple known as Tiva find themselves on the run in Europe. They try to fight out the culprit, learning to trust each other again in hopes of finally getting their happy ending. Further casting details about the NCIS spinoff have not been revealed so far.

Is Gibbs Returning In The NCIS Spinoff?

DiNozzo and Gibbs staring at something off-screen with serious expressions in NCIS

While it remains too early to know for sure what surprises Weatherly could be referring to, it could be the case that Gibbs will have a role to play in the Ziva and Tony spinoff. Even though Harmon exited NCIS in 2021, his character is alive and well. Gibbs has a long history with Tony in particular, which could potentially pave the way for Harmon to make a brief appearance in a phone call or a video chat.

After some time away from the CBS franchise, Harmon is coming back for the prequel NCIS: Origins. The story will unfold in 1991, centering on Gibbs just as he’s starting his career as a Special Agent at the NCIS Camp Pendleton office. According to summaries of the upcoming series, Gibbs builds up a gritty team that NCIS legend Mike Franks leads. Franks had a recurring role in the original series and was portrayed by Muse Watson. But maybe his NCIS return will allow him to cross paths with Tony and Ziva.

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