Miles Morales’ Spider-Man Gets Terrifying Redesign as a Marvel Villain
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Miles Morales’ Spider-Man Gets Terrifying Redesign as a Marvel Villain


  • Miles Morales transforms into a bloodthirsty vampire in Marvel’s Blood Hunt series.
  • Spider-Man joins forces with Avengers to fight vampires before his terrifying turn.
  • The cover reveals a stunning transformation for Miles, promising gory and violent issues.



Warning: Contains potential spoilers for Blood Hunt (2024)!Miles MoralesSpider-Man transforms into a horrific fanged creature on Pepe Larraz’s cover for the third issue of Marvel’s vampire crossover event Blood Hunt. Though the wall-crawler has appeared on other covers for the series, this is the first indication that Miles will become a bloodthirsty creature during the upcoming event. It raises questions as to how Spider-Man has become a vampire, and what will happen once he turns.

Blood Hunt is Marvel’s big event of the summer focused on the vampires of Earth-616. The main miniseries is written by Jed MacKay with art and covers by Pepe Larraz, with other ongoing series taking part in crossover issues. Early covers show heroes, including Miles Morales, uniting to stop the monsters. But that appears to change by Blood Hunt #3.

Blood Hunt #3 cover Spider-Man Vampire Miles Morales

In the cover art, Miles Morales is shown to have undergone a spine-chilling transformation that gives him sharp fangs, claws, and pointed ears. He sits in a large spider web with a sinister stare. Marvel Comics will unveil how Spider-Man falls to the vampires in the pages of the Blood Hunt series.


Marvel’s Next Civil War? The Avengers Battle Vampires in Massive BLOOD HUNT Crossover

Marvel Comics’ next big crossover, Blood Hunt, is on the horizon, and it has the potential to be the franchise’s next Civil War-sized event.

Blood Hunt Sees Miles Morales Joining Avengers To Fight Vampires – At A Cost?

While he’s been featured on much of the promo art, the cover for Blood Hunt #3 by Pepe Larraz seemingly confirms that Miles Morales will be an early casualty in the series. Before then, he joins an elite team in the fight against armies of vampires. Other cover art for the series illustrates a stacked cast of heroes that Miles will work with before he’s eventually turned: Blade, Black Panther, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Moon Knight, Scarlet Witch, Tigra, and more. Blood Hunt will show the very first meetings between Miles and some of these characters in the Marvel event.

Though Miles has encountered many frightening foes since debuting in 2011, things could get more gruesome than ever for the young Spider-Man, as Marvel has promised gory and violent red band editions of Blood Hunt’s issues. Since Blood Hunt #3 by Jed MacKay and Pepe Larraz has revealed a vampiric, bloodthirsty Miles on its cover, readers will anxiously wait to see if Spider-Man can survive the series and what his kill count could be by the event’s end. Solicits confirm that Miles Morales: Spider-Man will have two tie-in issues to the vampire crossover, meaning the character is sure to have a bloody summer.

Blade and His Daughter Have Fought Alongside Spider-Man In The Past

Miles Morales Spider-Man and Blade attacking vampires

Blood Hunt is not the first time that Miles Morales has teamed up with Blade. In Miles Morales: Spider-Man (2022) #11 by Cody Ziglar and Federica Mancin, Miles is joined by not only the vampire hunter but also Blade’s daughter, Bloodline, as they try to take down an ancient vampire called R’ym’r. In this issue, Blade gives a vampire-hunting spider-suit to Miles, with UV rays and other special features to “fight suckheads.” Bloodline aka Brielle Brooks is also set to appear in 2024’s major Marvel event with her father and reunite with her new web-slinging friend as they hunt vampires.

As the cover shows off a vampirized Miles Morales, it will be interesting to see how Blade and the other Avengers contend with one of the youngest heroes they’ve fought alongside becoming a bloodthirsty monster. It remains to be seen how Eric Brooks and his daughter Brielle will deal with this dreadful development. With his abilities, Miles could become one of the most terrifying vampire villains the heroes will have to fight during the event. Miles Morales’ fate in the Marvel Universe will be revealed when Spider-Man’s vampiric summer begins May 2024 in the crossover event Blood Hunt.

Blood Hunt #3

will be available June 5 from Marvel Comics.

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