My Biggest Barbie 2 Concern Has Now Been Destroyed
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My Biggest Barbie 2 Concern Has Now Been Destroyed


  • Greta Gerwig’s interest in a Barbie 2 sequel is promising for fans, but a release may be years away due to busy schedules.
  • Margot Robbie’s performance as Barbie was crucial to the success of the first film, casting decisions for a sequel are still up in the air.
  • While a Barbie 2 sequel is not officially announced, the positive response to the first film indicates a strong possibility for continuation.



The possibility of Barbie 2 received a positive update, alleviating doubt about the sequel to 2023’s blockbuster. The Greta Gerwig-directed film always looked to be a hit, but Barbie’s $1 billion success was shocking. On top of its commercial achievement, Barbie was also one of the most critically acclaimed movies of the year, earning an impressive eight Oscar nominations. Of course, the enormous success story has resulted in questions regarding a potential sequel. After all, it’d be difficult for a studio to walk away from a billion-dollar title.

In previous Barbie 2 updates, filmmaker Greta Gerwig and producer/star Margot Robbie have been reluctant to share thoughts or details regarding sequel chances. Both of them are already beginning work on new projects, which will take precedence for some time, but Gerwig had a more positive outlook in an interview with Deadline’s Baz Bamigboye at the Vanity Fair Oscars after-party. She explains, “I’m not dismissing it; I want to do it,” but doesn’t yet know how to approach a sequel.

Barbie 2
has not officially been announced by Warner Bros.

Barbie 2 Should Happen Now That Greta Gerwig Wants To Do It


Following the first film’s success, Barbie 2 seemed inevitable, as no studio was going to pass on such a massive cultural phenomenon and cash cow. While Barbie doesn’t need a sequel, there’s certainly no harm in building on a story that brought joy to so many audiences, sent a meaningful message to children, and got millions of people excited to go to the theatres. However, attempting to emulate Barbie’s success without the guidance of Greta Gerwig would be a travesty, given how vital her leadership was to the movie.

If Greta Gerwig is on board for
Barbie 2
, movie fans should also be.

If Greta Gerwig is on board for Barbie 2, movie fans should also be. Even if much of the Barbie cast is cycled out with new characters, part of what made the first movie so fantastic is that its thematic exploration and character arcs were universally relatable. With that in mind, even if certain stars can’t return, the film’s ideas can be further explored with new life. All questions about casting and story can be answered later, though, for now, the most important part is that Greta Gerwig wants to do it, and that’s exciting.

Where Barbie 2 Could Go After The First Movie’s Ending

Although the Barbie ending was conclusive, there are still plenty of possibilities for the story’s next chapter. The most apparent option for a plotline would be to see Margot Robbie’s Barbie living in the real world, experiencing fresh, relatable conflicts. However, spending too much time in the real world would sacrifice a vital piece of Barbie, which is the wonderful, vibrant set design of Barbie Land. The story would have to tie back to there somehow, once again mixing real-life themes with fantastical elements, extravagant settings, and musical numbers.

Aside from focusing on Margot Robbie, there are other directions a Barbie sequel could take. Of course, Ryan Gosling’s Ken was also a considerable part of the film’s success, and a sequel focused more on him could be exciting, too, though it may detract from the meaning of a “Barbie” movie to have another character as its lead. If Margot Robbie’s Barbie can’t star in a sequel for whatever reason, involving a new doll or an alternate version of Barbie as the lead would probably be the best bet.


Barbie 2 Should Star The Actress Who Almost Played Barbie Before Margot Robbie

One of the actresses who almost played a live-action Barbie onscreen before Margot Robbie should star in Barbie 2 if the sequel ever happens.

Barbie 2 Probably Won’t Happen For Quite A While

Greta Gerwig with a Chronicles of Narnia poster

Given that everyone involved in Barbie has several projects already lined up, a sequel film is still years away. Greta Gerwig is working on new Chronicles of Narnia films for Netflix, and she’s signed on to direct at least two. Her Narnia film is still in early pre-production, and now that the Academy Awards have ended and her Barbie victory lap is over, the new project will become her primary focus for some time. If the film is still early on, and given the time commitment for CGI-heavy blockbusters, it’s possible Gerwig’s Narnia won’t be out until late 2025 or 2026.

Given that Greta Gerwig is intended to direct the first two Chronicles of Narnia movies, she’ll be occupied with the project for at least a few years before she can start conceiving a new Barbie film. While the Barbie 2 update from her is promising, Gerwig already has a lot on her plate that takes precedence. Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling also have upcoming projects of their own to focus on, including an Ocean’s 11 prequel that they’re collaborating on.

Barbie Movie Poster


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