Natalie’s Mom Is Making Her Relationship Problems Even Worse
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Natalie’s Mom Is Making Her Relationship Problems Even Worse


  • Natalie Mordovtseva’s mom, Nelia, is blamed for controlling her life, and pressuring her into relationships for marriage and babies.
  • Viewers accuse Natalie of manipulating partners for drama, blaming men for failed relationships, when she may be the issue.
  • Nelia pushes Natalie to reconcile with her ex-husband Mike, encouraging her to prioritize marriage and family over genuine happiness.



90 Day: The Single Life star Natalie Mordovtseva’s mom, Nelia, is being blamed for running her daughter’s life. Natalie is a 38-year-old Ukrainian woman who first starred in 90 Day Fiancé season 7 with Mike Youngquist. Natalie and Mike’s marriage was broken with her moving out of his house within months of their April 2020 wedding. Natalie began dating Josh Weinstein after relocating to Florida and later moved to California for him. Natalie broke up with Josh when she realized he was a “weak” man who couldn’t give her everything that she wanted from him.

“She needs some therapy and her mom in her ear pressuring her doesn’t help,” Reddit user kittymelons said about Natalie.

A thread by possiblevirgin discussed how Natalie tries to manipulate her partners because she thrives on drama and blames all her failed relationships on the men when she is the problem.

However, other viewers, such as khazelton77, also believe that Natalie’s mom “is the reason she feels entitled to blind adoration and worship from any man she chooses.” Fans have observed how Nelia is always in Natalie’s ear telling her to get married and find a man who would fall at her feet.


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Natalie’s 90 Day Fiancé Relationship Issues Explained

Opinionated-21 added, “Natalie’s mom is CRAZY. She makes a bad situation even worse.” Natalie’s mom had made her set these high expectations from men. She wants the man that Natalie is dating to promise marriage and start living together with her after one date. Natalie has also started taking her mom’s advice to heart, which led to her breaking up with Josh when he was sincerely trying to make the relationship work. Natalie claimed that Josh was not making her a priority because Josh had a job and two kids to take care of.

“I used to give her mom a pass. Mom is just as needy and useless as her,” said BlueFrangipani.

After pushing Natalie to ask Josh for a job, a house, and a baby, Natalie’s mom, Nelia, is now asking her to reconcile with Mike. Natalie admitted that she felt uncomfortable about having a baby with an unknown man and wanted her baby daddy to be someone she loved. Nelia instantly got in touch with Mike without letting her daughter know. She convinced Natalie to call Mike to Los Angeles even though Natalie was the one who’d left him to move there.

Natalie has taken advantage of Mike from the time she started dating him. Natalie came to America despite having broken up with Mike and married him to pursue her acting and modeling career. Natalie now finds it convenient to reconcile with Mike because she wants a child with him and Nelia is cheering her on while she’s about to make another wrong decision. 90 Day: The Single Life is exploring this side of Natalie’s life which was never caught on camera before. It allows viewers to understand her better and realize Nelia is the real villain in her story.

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Source: u/possiblevirgin/Reddit

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