New Helldivers 2 Update Adds Fire Tornadoes, Meteor Showers & Much Harder Eradicate Missions
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New Helldivers 2 Update Adds Fire Tornadoes, Meteor Showers & Much Harder Eradicate Missions

Arrowhead has announced a new patch for Helldivers 2, which will bring much harsher environments for players to battle in as they fight Automatons. 


  • Get ready for tougher battles in Helldivers 2 on PC with new hazards like fire tornadoes and meteor showers.
  • PlayStation 5 players, your patch is on the way! Updates include balancing improvements alongside new challenges.
  • The patch also made Eradicate much harder, as the short mission type used to be an easy way to level up.



Arrowhead has announced a new patch for Helldivers 2 on PC which will fix some of the issues players have experienced so far. Alongside these fixes, the new update will introduce environmental challenges, with planetary hazards such as fire tornadoes and meteor showers spawning at random to make for much harsher environments.

A new post on the official Helldivers 2 X account stated that the new update is currently only coming to PC, but a PlayStation 5 patch will be coming soon. Alongside the aforementioned planetary hazards, the update will also improve balancing and will feature new primary, secondary, and support weapons, along with amendments to Stratagems.


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Helldivers 2’s Eradicate Missions Are Harder Following The New Patch

These Missions Were Shorter Than Arrowhead Intended

Helldivers 2‘s Eradicate missions have a single objective of eradicating a certain number of Terminids, and once this task has been completed, extraction becomes available. These missions were particularly good at helping players level up quickly as they could be completed in an extremely short amount of time, and when paired with the harder “Hell Dive” difficulty and a full squad, these missions could pay out nearly a 250% XP boost.

The new update will change this, however, as Arrowhead has made Eradicate missions significantly harder with the new update. Eradicate missions now require more kills and enemies spawn more often. Arrowhead also addressed how quickly players were completing Eradicate missions, stating that the time to complete the mission was “previously shorter than intended” and should now take twice as long to complete.

While those who used the Eradicate missions to quickly build XP may be disappointed by Arrowhead changing this difficulty, the introduction of randomized environmental hazards in Helldivers 2 should be an exciting prospect, making for some epic battles going forward.

Source: Helldivers 2/X

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