New Mech Is Only The Beginning For Exosuit Stratagems
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New Mech Is Only The Beginning For Exosuit Stratagems


  • Helldivers 2
    has added the Patriot Exosuit with a rocket launcher and gatling gun.
  • Possible future Exosuit variations include Obsidian and Lumberer designs for different combat scenarios.
  • New Exosuit ideas include utilizing areas of
    Helldivers 2
    combat that are underappreciated.



Helldivers 2 recently added its first new Stratagem in the Patriot Exosuit, but one theory suggests it may not be the last Exosuit Helldivers get to use. Helldivers 2 has already added a plethora of free content in its first month since launch, with a new Warbond already on the way. Many of these additions have been given in-game lore along with challenges to help broaden the game and increase player interaction. The Exosuits themselves were only unlocked after the planet Tien Kwan was liberated after a surprise Automaton invasion.

The Patriot Exosuit is a simple weapon but extremely strong in what it does. This Stratagem can be used twice a mission, but it has a ten-minute cooldown between uses. This specific Mech is equipped with a rocket launcher of 14 shots and a gatling gun of 1000 shots. The former is great for taking down heavy targets like the Hulk or Charger, while the latter excels at cleaning up smaller units. The two downsides to the Exosuit are that there is currently no way to reload its ammo, and it is susceptible to heavy attacks like the Charger ground slam.


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Helldivers 2 Stratagem Exosuit Variations For The Future

Based on the original Helldivers game, there are two other Mech Variations that would be likely for Helldivers 2. The first was the Obsidian Exosuit, equipped with two 20mm autocannons. This suit excels at killing low or medium-armored enemies but will struggle heavily against heavy armor. Based on how popular the autocannon support weapon is, this Exosuit would likely also be a popular choice. However, it might be better in certain scenarios against certain enemies. For example, the Automatons, which are mainly medium armor besides the Hulk, compared to the Terminids, which have more heavy armor units.

The other Exosuit from the original game was the Lumberer, equipped with a 90mm cannon and a flamethrower. This suit was aimed at taking out heavier targets while reserving the flamethrower for when smaller units get too close. This suit is also likely to be popular since the most recent balance patch gave a huge buff to flamethrowers and fire damage. In contrast to the Obsidian suit, the Lumberer would be slightly better against Terminids, as flamethrowers lose some of their efficiency against robotic Automatons.

While Exosuits deploy very quickly, they are also extremely fragile before a Helldiver enters it.

Just like how current Destroyer ship modules can be unlocked, the Mechs also have upgrades. However, in the original game, each Exosuit had specific upgrades, which would be unlikely based on how Helldivers 2 upgrades work. The first upgrade would likely be a Stratagem launcher, as this was a basic feature of all Exosuits in the first game. Options after that include ammo increases, cooldown reduction, faster turn speed, and weapon upgrades.


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New Ideas For Exosuit Variations In Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 ARC-12 Blitzer with electricity.

If Helldivers 2 wanted to create new Mechs to replace or add to the original ones, a few options would be available. The arc thrower is a popular support weapon due to its electric chaining, which is getting a sibling weapon in the Blitzer shotgun for the upcoming new Cutting Edge Warbond. An Exosuit using a stronger arc thrower could increase its range and armor-penetrating qualities. Another arc thrower drawback that the suit could eliminate is taking away the chance for it to chain to allies.

A second idea could be a mobile artillery Exosuit. This Exosuit would have low armor but high mobility, equipped with a long-range artillery launcher for safely firing at enemies. The ammo could be standardized based on the grenade launcher or could have a variety of shell types to give variety. The types of ammo would decide the role of this suit, but with variety, it could be a versatile long-range ally capable of dispatching even the hardest enemies in Helldivers 2.

The possibilities for the Exosuits are near endless and truly depend on how far the developers want to go with them. Specialized upgrades for each suit would be the ideal option but would require more work and deviate from how upgrades currently work. Regardless, Mechs stand to be one of the most game-changing Stratagems for Helldivers 2, with the Patriot Exosuit being the beginning of hopefully many to come.

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