New Starfield Update Introduces Over 500 Game Fixes
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New Starfield Update Introduces Over 500 Game Fixes

The latest patch for Starfield fixes fixes plenty of known issues with the game but you’ll need to play it on PC to see what’s been changed.


  • Over 500 fixes in Starfield’s 1.10.30 update address known issues, and adds desired features like a proper Starmap display and new Photomode options.
  • The Update is only available on Steam Beta for now, Xbox players will need to wait for the official release.
  • Bethesda plans to continue supporting Starfield with updates, including the upcoming DLC expansion Shattered Space featuring new content.



The latest update for Bethesda Game Studios’ Starfield addresses plenty of the game’s issues but there’s a catch if you’re playing the game on an Xbox Series X|S. When Starfield launched in 2023, many fans were surprised to find that the game featured far fewer glitches than previous Bethesda role-playing games given that the developer has a reputation for releasing exceptionally buggy games. While there may not have been as many as Fallout 76, the game’s latest patch is looking to amend some of the more widely reported issues.

Per Bethesda, the 1.10.30 update for Starfield will include over 500 fixes for known issues in the game while also adding some highly requested features like the ability to display the names of every star system while looking at the Starmap, and the option to change expressions and set poses for the player character and NPCs in Photomode. Out of the hundreds of bugs that have been squashed, some standouts include a fix that prevents NPCs from opening their eyes after they die and another that stops player’s parents from having two different conversations with one another at the same time.


Starfield Updates Will Never Fix Its Biggest Crime

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Is The Latest Starfield Patch Available for Everyone?

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Aside from glitches, bugs, and tweaks to the UI, Starfield‘s 1.10.30 patch also includes a wealth of quality-of-life improvements to ensure players are more comfortable while they’re roaming around the galaxy but there is an unfortunate catch to all these improvements. The update is currently only available on Steam Beta meaning if you’re an Xbox player then you’ll need to wait for the official release before trying it out. When the 1.10.30 patch is scheduled to go live is still unknown but Bethesda has confirmed that it doesn’t expect too many changes between the trial run and the formal launch.

What Can Players Expect For Starfield’s Future?

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While Starfield may already be a few months old, Bethesda is showing no signs of slowing down its support for the game. The studio has already confirmed that it will continue to release updates to eliminate bugs and glitches while also slowly adding new features based on the community’s feedback. The biggest patch will be the Shattered Space DLC expansion, which is expected to introduce new worlds, characters, items, and an original storyline to keep players busy when they’re not missioning around with Constellation.

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September 6, 2023

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