Night Court’s TBBT Reunion Touchingly Recounted By Star
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Night Court’s TBBT Reunion Touchingly Recounted By Star


  • Melissa Rauch reveals how reuniting with her
    Big Bang Theory
    co-star Kunal Nayyar in
    Night Court
    Season 2 was fun and special.
  • There is a possibility of more
    Big Bang Theory
    actors guest starring in future
    Night Court
  • The future renewal of
    Night Court
    for season 3 could bring more surprises and reunions from
    The Big Bang Theory



Night Court star Melissa Rauch has touchingly recounted her reunion with a former co-star from The Big Bang Theory in season 2. In the latest season of the revived comedy, Rauch’s Abby becomes enamored with the British fashion designer Martini Todd Wallace, portrayed by Kunal Nayyar. Both Rauch and Nayyar appeared as Bernadette and Raj in The Big Bang Theory, where they played platonic friends.

Speaking with TV Insider, Rauch explained what it was like to reunite with Nayyar for his guest appearance in Night Court season 2. The actor described how fun it was for them to play very different characters from their Big Bang Theory counterparts, saying she would want him to come back if the show gets renewed for more seasons. Check out what Rauch had to say below:

Kunal [Nayyar] was so wonderful and supportive from the moment I told him I was doing this, as all the cast was. When we figured out that this role was going to be coming up, we thought he would just be the perfect person to do it and making that dream come true of getting to be reunited. We don’t have [Nayyar’s return] planned for this season, but for sure it would be a dream to have him again. We just had the most fun together. We just kept on staring at each other all week [during filming] and looking into each other’s eyes like, is this real? Are you really here? Of course, we hadn’t been on set together since
Big Bang
ended, and it was just so wonderful and it felt like just family. It felt “very much like my boyfriend meeting my family.” Although I don’t know if the boyfriend’s Kunal or John [Larroquette], but either way, it just felt like a meeting of families and it was really wonderful. It was a really special week, and I can’t wait for him to come back.

Will Other Big Bang Theory Stars Show Up In Night Court?

Melissa Rauch as Abby in Night Court and the cast of The Big Bang Theory

Nayyar’s reunion with Rauch leaves the door open for other Big Bang Theory actors on Night Court, bringing them in to guest star in the future. This already happened in season 2, episode 11, with Kate Micucci portraying Carol Ann, Bob and June Wheeler’s daughter. Micucci was previously in the long-running sitcom with Rauch and Nayyar as Lucy, who appears regularly for a short time as one of Raj’s girlfriends.

With both Nayyar and Micucci having shown up in Night Court already, it wouldn’t be surprising if more actors from The Big Bang Theory appeared in the future. This could easily include long-running actors on the show like Johnny Galecki and Jim Parsons, whose guest appearances could also involve changed dynamics with their former co-star. Actors could appear as one-off guests or have regular, recurring roles on the series moving forward.

However, with no news yet on if Night Court season 3 is going to happen, there’s no way to know for sure if any more guest appearances will happen. However, based on what Rauch said, a renewal all but guarantees more guest stars in the future. With plenty of possibility for more Big Bang Theory reunions, the next season of the show could have the most surprises so far.

Night Court
airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Source: TV Insider

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Night Court

Night Court was a TV comedy that ran for nine seasons between 1984 and 1992. The series centers around Harry Anderson’s character, Harry T. Stone, a presiding judge who works at the night court in Manhattan. In 2023, the series was brought back by NBC, this time starring Melissa Rauch as Manhattan Municipal Court’s new Judge. While the revival hasn’t been as critically praised as its predecessor, it has garnered attention for bringing back John Larroquette, who played Dan Fielding in the original series.

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