One Helldivers 2 Secondary Objective Should Always Be A Top Priority
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One Helldivers 2 Secondary Objective Should Always Be A Top Priority


  • Radar Stations are the most valuable secondary objective in
    Helldivers 2
    for resource farming.
  • Completing Radar Stations provides knowledge of all other points of interest on the map.
  • Although not always the best move due to time constraints, Radar Stations should be a priority.



Of the many possible points of interest that players can find in Helldivers 2, one secondary objective in particular offers potentially the most value, making it an absolute priority for any squad that wants to gain as many rewards as possible. Clearing side objectives and destroying enemy camps in Hellivers 2 can be vital to successfully completing missions and speeding up the resource grind, as each additional objective completed can offer both extra end-of-mission rewards and powerful field benefits.

Especially once players start to reach the highest difficulties of Helldivers 2, clearing the map of side objectives can be a difficult task, as they’ll start having to contend with more enemies and the possibility of running out of time, which cuts off access to stratagems and additional reinforcements. And, while an efficient squad might be able to clear out the entire map, the rewards for each individual point of interest might not always be worth the resources and time spent getting to and completing them. By keeping on the lookout for one particular objective, however, players can speed up the process.


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Radar Stations Are Helldivers 2’s Most Valuable Secondary Objective

When players are seeking to more thoroughly clean out a map, looking for the Radar Station secondary objective can often be the best play – especially if a Radar Station is close to the squad’s initial drop points or on the path to another objective. Completing Radar Stations is relatively easy, as players only have to complete a few small puzzles and the objective doesn’t inherently attract enemies, and awards players with complete knowledge of every other point of interest and secondary objective on the map, making it easier to decide which locations are worth traveling to.

While the design of Radar Stations encourages having at least two players, with one on the console telling the other when to stop rotating the satellite, solo players can instead know when to stop rotating the satellite by listening for a relatively loud beeping sound from the console, which plays when the tower has been rotated to the correct position.

Moreover, Radar Stations are relatively easy to find, even if they’re unmarked on the map. Visually, they can be spotted from a distance through the tall satellite tower that has to be aligned to complete them, but keen-eyed players will even be able to spot them unmarked just on the map. Radar Stations always have a similar structure, and appear on the map as round-shaped areas with a building on one side and a circular structure that can be identified as the satellite tower on the other, so experienced players can spot them without a direct line of sight.

Additionally, pinging the map can confirm the presence of a secondary objective for players who might be unsure about identifying one visually, as pinging a hidden objective will change the ping from the normal rounded marker to a square one instead. For players looking to gain extra Medals, Requisition Slips, Super Credits, or Samples (especially the high-difficulty exclusive Super Samples), Radar Stations can be an invaluable objective to finish early on in a mission, especially if one is on the way or close to a main objective.


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Radar Stations Aren’t Always The Best Move

Helldivers 2 players in combat with a host of enemies.

Besides not being found on every map, Radar Stations do have a few distinct downsides, the most notable of which is that they’re relatively slow to complete, and unlike SEAF Artillery, offer no combat power. For a squad getting mobbed by enemies on higher difficulties, it might be hard to find the time to align the satellite, and trying to stick to the objective might end up wasting more time and resources than it’s worth. Especially in the three highest difficulties, it’s sometimes best for players to cut their losses and move on to the main objectives.

Additionally, one Environmental Effect, Atmospheric Spores, can make Radar Towers much harder to find, as the spores obscuring the map and the squad’s vision make it difficult to identify Radar Towers by the usual means. Shorter mission timers, like those present on Blitz missions, can also make Radar Towers not worth doing, as players likely won’t have the time to thoroughly explore the map even in the case that a Radar Station is completed, and Radar Stations themselves take a relatively long amount of time to complete.

In almost every other situation, however, Radar Stations are likely the most valuable secondary objective in the game for any players seeking to farm additional resources – especially with Helldivers 2 set to add a new Warbond, which will drive the need for more Medals and Super Credits. While there are some situations where they might not be worth doing, Radar Stations should be a priority for players in any mission where they’re present in Helldivers 2.

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