Outer Banks Season 4’s Greatest Strength Is Also The Netflix Show’s Biggest Problem
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Outer Banks Season 4’s Greatest Strength Is Also The Netflix Show’s Biggest Problem


  • Outer Banks’ season 4 takes a major risk that could make or break the show.
  • The show’s creators consider the first three seasons as a trilogy, signaling a fresh start for season 4 and potential for three more seasons.
  • Season 4’s new story could either impress or isolate audiences, with the possibility of jeopardizing the show’s success.



Since 2020, Outer Banks has been one of Netflix’s most popular series, however, as it comes up on its fourth season, the drama is taking a major risk that could either make or break the show. In 2023, Outer Banks premiered its third season, and even before season 3 came out, the series was renewed for a fourth season. At a place like Netflix, where new series often don’t make it past season 1, Outer Banks has proved that it has staying power. Unfortunately, though, this does not always last, and Outer Banks season 4 will be the deciding factor.

Thus far, Outer Banks has followed a solid plot. Set in a coastal town on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, there are two social groups: the working-class locals called the Pogues and the wealthy vacationers called the Kooks. Over the course of the series, the two must overcome their differences for a greater cause. In particular, they must discover what happened to John B.’s dad and uncover the mysterious treasure tied to him. By the end of Outer Banks season 3, both of these goals have been reached, leaving many to wonder what is next for the series.


8 Changes Outer Banks Season 4 Needs To Make After Season 3’s Divisive Story

Following two great seasons, Outer Banks season 3 was met with more mixed reviews, meaning that season 4 has a chance to right its wrongs.

Outer Banks Season 4 Represents A New Era After Season 3’s Ending

Because Outer Banks season 3 ended in a way that solved every mystery brought up in season 1, that means that the series will be entering a new era. A new mystery, something like Captain Blackbeard’s treasure, will now have to take over and keep the show going. This fact was recently confirmed by Outer Banks showrunner, Josh Pate, at Netflix’s TUDUM event.

Outer Banks,
Pate said, ”
We think about the first three [seasons] as a trilogy, and then we’re starting over on [another sort of] trilogy now
.” Therefore, season 4 will be completely different.

Based on what Josh Pate said about the first three seasons of Outer Banks being a trilogy, it seems likely that Outer Banks season 4 is not the only season the showrunners have planned. If the drama can continue to be renewed by Netflix, there could be three new seasons of Outer Banks in audiences’ futures. This type of planning is very exciting because it implies that significant effort is being put into the series’ future. However, there is also the risk that, if season 4 flops, these future plans will all be for nothing.

Why Outer Banks Season 4’s New Start Is Exciting For The Show’s Future

The cast of Outer Banks

Apart from the fact that Outer Banks potentially has three more seasons in the works, Pate’s comment is also exciting because it means the series is getting a fresh start. While audiences clearly loved what the series did for its first three seasons, a new story and era could be really beneficial for the show. This way, the story will not be able to get stale or repetitive, and audiences will have no idea what is coming next. It is also great for character development purposes, as the young characters can continue to grow with the show.

In the past, many series have benefited from new eras. Generally, a new season always brings some sort of change that makes the show feels fresh and exciting again, even if it is something as minor as a character’s hair cut or a new cast member. Ultimately, Outer Banks’ next era could make the series feel brand new again. Furthermore, the next stage of the story could seriously raise the stakes. The end of season 3 saw the gang travel to South America, and now in the new era, they can go even farther.

There is no confirmed release date for
Outer Banks
season 4.

Outer Banks Season 4’s New Story Could Backfire In A Big Way

John B from Outer Banks staring wistfully

Unfortunately, Outer Bank’s new era might not be all good. While introducing different elements can be a good way to freshen up a series and keep audiences guessing, it can also ruin the magic that got viewers invested in the first place. If Outer Banks season 4 goes too out of the box, then it risks losing what made it good, and in turn, losing its dedicated audience. In this way, the showrunner’s plans to change Outer Banks could either really impress audiences or isolate them completely.

With Outer Banks season 4 coming at some point in 2024, there is no telling at this time whether the new season will sink or swim. The showrunners definitely have a tricky task at hand. Ideally, Outer Banks season 4 will be able to bring in new and exciting elements without jeopardizing the aspects of the show that won over audiences in the first place. If the show succeeds, then Outer Banks could be on its way to a really successful future.

Outer Banks

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April 15, 2020


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