Palworld Announces Game’s First-Ever Raid Boss For Endgame Tamers
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Palworld Announces Game’s First-Ever Raid Boss For Endgame Tamers

Palworld unveils Bellanoir, a new evil Pal who will serve as the game’s first Raid Boss and pose a serious challenge to the most elite Pal Tamers.


  • Palworld
    ‘s first Raid Boss, Bellanoir, brings a new challenge for players, requiring trained Pals to face the powerful enemy.
  • Developer Pocket Pair promises more Raid Bosses for end-game content, allowing players to earn powerful gear if successfully defeated.
  • Future updates for
    may include PvP modes, new technologies, and zones, encouraging players to keep their teams strong.



Palworld players will need to train up their Pals to face a powerful new enemy as developer Pocket Pair unveiled the game’s first Raid Boss. Shortly after Palworld‘s release in January, the developer reassured its massive community that it was working on more content for the game, insisting that the early access period would result in a substantial amount of updates to increase the scale of the experience. The first of these is set to arrive in the near future and it brings with it a terrifying new challenge for even the most hardened Tamers.

Posted to X (formerly Twitter), Palworld unveiled footage of Bellanoir, a new Pal that will also serve as the first of several promised Raid Boss encounters.

The brief video simply shows a trainer activating some kind of shrine that triggers fire to rain from the sky as Bellanoir gracefully appears, twirling around the air as she prepares to battle a small army of Pals that includes Cattiva, Lamball, and Pengullet. No additional insight into the creature was disclosed but the teaser does note that the update is “coming soon” without specifying any kind of release window.


One OP Palworld Pal Just Got Even More Powerful

One underappreciated Pal already had some serious power when used in the right way, and the newest patch has made it way better than ever before.

Bellanoir Is The First Of Many Palworld Raids

Robinquill smiling at a player in Palworld.

Pocket Pair has promised that Palworld will eventually feature several Raid Bosses which will serve as end-game content, allowing players who have completed the bulk of the experience to earn powerful gear and items if they successfully defeat the monstrous Pals. How these battles will play out remains a mystery, but Raids traditionally feature an enemy (or enemies) that are so powerful that several players working together are necessary to bring it down. Given that Palworld allows for four-player co-op, it’s likely that Tamers will need to group up with some friends to successfully bring down Bellanoir.

What Else Can Palworld Players Expect?

Foxcicle getting pets in Palworld

While Palworld is still in its infancy, having only been released in January 2024, the game’s rampant success pushed Pocket Pair to reveal its plans for the future, providing a glimpse as to what the community can expect in future content updates. Raid Bosses are one of several stand-out additions that also include PvP modes for both players and Pals, new technologies to research and build, and entirely new zones to continually grow the Palpagos Islands. When these more substantial patches will arrive remains unknown but players should keep their teams nice and strong for any future Raids.

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January 19, 2024

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