Pokémon: Terastal Debut – The Pokémon Anime’s Next Series Officially Announced
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Pokémon: Terastal Debut – The Pokémon Anime’s Next Series Officially Announced

A new Pokémon anime, Pokémon: Terastal Debut, was just announced in CoroCoro, promising to adapt elements of the Scarlet and Violet games.


  • A new Pokemon anime series “Terastal Debut” was announced that adapts elements from the Scarlet & Violet games.
  • The promo image reveals a mix of Horizons cast with characters from games, promising an exciting crossover for fans.
  • Plot details are unknown, but Liko & Roy’s journey through Paldea in Terastal Debut is exciting news for fans.



The Pokémon anime franchise is getting a new series titled Terastal Debut, which looks to be adapting elements from the PokémonScarlet & Violet games. Given the enduring popularity of anime, a new entry was inevitable. Based on the promo image, fans have more than a few reasons to be excited for Terastal Debut.

In a post on X, Pokemon fansite Serebii.net revealed the first promo image for Terastal Debut. The image comes courtesy of the Japanese magazine CoroCoro and shows Liko, Roy, Captain Pikachu and others from the Horizons cast alongside characters from the Scarlet & Violet games.

While not much is known about the plot at this time, the mixing of the Horizons cast with a handful of characters from the games promises to be exciting both for new fans of Horizons and for fans of the games.

Pokémon Terastal Debut Officially Brings the Anime to Paldea

Liko & Roy Journey Through Scarlet & Violet’s PaldeaPokemon Horizons' Liko and Roy in front of a map.

This is a developing story, check back here for more details!

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