Review: Roku’s New Pro Remote 2 with Backlit Buttons, USB-C, & New Buttons: Is It Worth Upgrading?
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Review: Roku’s New Pro Remote 2 with Backlit Buttons, USB-C, & New Buttons: Is It Worth Upgrading?

This month Roku officially announced the new Roku Pro Remote 2 that was first spotted in testing last fall. With the Roku Pro Remote 2, you will find multiple improvements over the previous Roku remote.

This new remote will include motion-activated backlit buttons, so it knows when you pick it up to turn on the backlight. The old micro-USB charging port has been replaced with USB-C.

The new Roku Pro Remote 2 also includes a dedicated guide button bringing you to the Roku Guide to access your OTA Antenna and streaming channels from The Roku Channel in a single location.

Two programable buttons have been replaced with a single button—now with a rocket ship. This button can be used to open your favorite app making it a quick way to jump right to the two Roku apps you use most often.

This is the remote we saw when it leaked exclusively on Cord Cutters News last Fall.

So, is it worth upgrading to this remove? Here is our full review on YouTube:

In short, this is a great remote but most people won’t see any reason to pay to upgrade. If you need a new remote, this is likely the remote you want with all the new features it has to offer. The only downside is the loss of the headphone jack on the remote. (You can still use the Roku app with Bluetooth headphones to privately listen to what is happening on the TV.)

This new remote will be included with the new Roku Pro TVs and will also be available for sale to replace older Roku remotes.

This new remote features many requests from Roku’s most dedicated fans. USB-C and backlit buttons will make many fans happy. The loss of one of the programmable buttons though will be missed by many.

You can find the Roku Pro 2 remote for sale on Amazon HERE.

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