Ryan Gosling Needs To Break An 8-Year Career Streak To Restore A Great Movie Trend (& This Proves It)
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Ryan Gosling Needs To Break An 8-Year Career Streak To Restore A Great Movie Trend (& This Proves It)


  • Despite recent successes, Ryan Gosling’s best moments on screen are with Emma Stone in films like La La Land and Crazy, Stupid, Love.
  • The 2024 Oscars served as a reminder of the on-screen magic shared by Gosling and Stone, prompting hopes for a new film collaboration.
  • While a joke tweet sparked rumors of a reunion in Ryan Gosling’s upcoming sci-fi movie, it seems unlikely they’ll work together soon.



One moment at the 2024 Oscars proved that Ryan Gosling needs to break an eight-year career streak and return to what made some of his greatest movies. Of course, Ryan Gosling has had no problem finding success in the past eight years, with the sci-fi masterpiece Blade Runner 2049 and the $1 billion phenomenon of Barbie. However, many of Ryan Gosling’s best movies came before his recent stretch, with The Gray Man and First Man being rather underwhelming in comparison.

For his iconic role as Ken in Barbie, Ryan Gosling received an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor, putting him in competition with acting legends like Robert De Niro and the award’s winner, Robert Downey Jr. While Gosling didn’t take home any awards, his live performance of the Barbie original song “I’m Just Ken” made for one of the event’s most exciting moments. The performance took him up on stage, where he reunited with his Barbie Ken co-stars, performed alongside legendary guitarist Slash, and stepped down to the audience to briefly pass the mic to long-time collaborator Emma Stone.


Ryan Gosling’s New Sci-Fi Movie Can Redeem His $105.7M Box Office Letdown From 6 Years Ago

Ryan Gosling’s next big project is a sci-fi movie based on a novel, and it can redeem one of Gosling’s most recent box office failures.

The Oscars 2024 Was A Reminder Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone Need To Make Another Movie Together

Ryan Gosling has had an enormously successful career, but he’s never created magic on screen quite like how he did with Emma Stone in La La Land. La La Land demonstrates some of the most natural and powerful chemistry in 21st-century cinema and is the clear standout of the three Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone movies. The two share such an authentic likability on and off-screen that they make for an incredibly endearing leading duo together. Their brief moment at the 2024 Oscars served as a reminder of how long it’s been since the two stars made a film together.

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone made for a fantastic romantic comedy duo in 2011’s Crazy, Stupid, Love, which is one of the best rom-coms of its era. While 2013’s Gangster Squad didn’t pan out as well, their chemistry is still immaculate and the main highlight of the movie. Both stars have only released a handful of feature films since La La Land, with Emma Stone’s role in Poor Things winning her a second Academy Award. Whenever the two have time on their schedules, seeing them pair up for another film, possibly tackling an entirely new genre, needs to happen.

Emma Stone & Ryan Gosling Collaborations

Rotten Tomatoes Score

Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011)


Gangster Squad (2013)


La La Land (2016)


Emma Stone Was Linked To An Upcoming Ryan Gosling Movie (But As A Joke)

Ryan Gosling as an astronaut

Ryan Gosling’s upcoming sci-fi movie, titled Project Hail Mary, is exciting on its own. It’s based on a novel by Andy Weir, author of The Martian, and directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, who are best known for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. The talent is there for a hit, though Emma Stone won’t be a part of it, despite a previous joke that created rumors of the possibility. In 2022, author Andy Weir took to Twitter to mess around on April Fool’s Day.

Weir jokingly announced that Emma Stone would be reuniting with Ryan Gosling in the film to play Rocky, an alien with five arms. It would be hilarious to see Stone, who’s proven to have a fantastic sense of humor, doing the voice-over for an alien character. In reality, however, Emma Stone won’t be appearing in Project Hail Mary or any of Ryan Gosling’s other upcoming projects.

Emma Stone & Ryan Gosling Seem Unlikely To Reunite Anytime Soon

Emma Stone in a yellow coat with a straight face as Bella Baxter in Poor Things

After Barbie and Poor Things, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone will be busy for the next few years. In May, Ryan Gosling will star in one of 2024’s most-anticipated movies, The Fall Guy. It’s an action movie directed by Bullet Train’s David Leitch, which will see Gosling co-star alongside Emily Blunt. Project Hail Mary seems to be his subsequent film, and he’s also been attached to an Ocean’s 11 prequel alongside Margot Robbie. That project was removed from his IMDb page, but there’s been no announcement of his exit or its cancelation.

Emma Stone, who had a busy year in 2023 with Poor Things and The Curse, already has more to look forward to. Her next film will be Kinds of Kindness, where she’s re-teaming with Poor Things director Yorgos Lanthimos and co-starring with Margaret Qualley, Jesse Plemons, Hunter Schafer, and Willem Dafoe. She was recently announced to star alongside Austin Butler in Ari Aster’s next film, Eddington. Stone also has Cruella 2 and another rumored Yorgos Lanthimos film in the works, so she won’t be seeing Ryan Gosling on set for some time.

Ryan Gosling

Emma Stone

The Fall Guy

Releases May 3, 2024

Kinds of Kindness


Project Hail Mary



In Production

Untitled Ocean’s 11 Prequel


Cruella 2


Untitled Yorgos Lanthimos Project


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