Signs The Davis’ Might Be In A Sleazy Cult
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Signs The Davis’ Might Be In A Sleazy Cult


  • The Davis family on Seeking Sister Wife season 5 appears to be deeply enmeshed in a cult-like dynamic worshipping Nick.
  • The wives revere Nick like a cult leader, as they all sleep in one giant bed and engage in strange sexual rituals.
  • Nick married a third wife in season 4, officiated by Kendaka, and season 5 will follow the family courting a potential fourth wife.



Seeking Sister Wife season 5 reintroduces viewers to the Davis family, who appear to be deeply embroiled in a sleazy cult. During season 4, Nick Davis, along with his wives April Davis and Jennifer Davis, courted and married Danielle Davis. Though Jennifer gave birth to the plural family’s first child, they are looking to add yet another new member to the clan. The family is returning for season 5 to date, court and potentially add a fourth wife to Nick’s growing collection of adoring women.

While many of the Seeking Sister Wife families live a polygamous lifestyle for religious reasons, Nick and his family identify as secular. Instead of being led to polygamy by religion, Nick appears to be driven to marry multiple wives by his ego, and a sex drive that he claims can’t possibly be satisfied by any one woman. Since first appearing on the show during Seeking Sister Wife season 4, there have been multiple signs that Nick and his three wives are in a creepy, sleazy cult.


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The Wives Revere Nick Like A Cult Leader

Seeking Sister Wife_ What Happened To The Davis Family After Season 4
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Throughout Seeking Sister Wife season 4, it was clear that April, Jennifer, and Danielle flat-out worshiped their shared husband, Nick. Each woman dotes on him, seemingly determined to make his life as easy as possible. All three women work full-time jobs while Nick sits at home and allegedly reads books about physics all day long. When Nick and his wives pile into the car, Nick never drives, he is driven by his women. The women talk constantly about what a genius he is and how much they love his “big brain.” They can’t seem to heap enough praise on his intellect, wisdom, and prowess.

The Davis Family All Sleep In One Giant Bed

Like with any cult, the Davis family engages in bizarre sexual rituals that should be seen as a serious red flag. While the wives in most polygamous families switch nights with the shared spouse, Nick and his three wives all sleep in one giant bed together. During multiple Seeking Sister Wife season 4 episodes, as they shopped for a bigger home, they often talked about having to get a bed custom-made to accommodate them all.

Though the wives claim to never be intimate with Nick while in the same room as the other women, it is not uncommon for Nick to be intimate with more than one wife during the same night. He is also openly affectionate with his wives in front of each other, often going from kissing one, to the other, to the other, in quick succession. TLC released a Seeking Sister Wife season 5 trailer on Instagram that indicates that the newest Davis wife, Danielle, struggles with jealousy at the idea of bringing in a new wife and having to share Nick with a whole other woman.

The Davis Family Wedding Was Strange

seeking sister wife season 4 davis wedding nick, april, jen & danielle davis, officiated by kendaka, still from the show

During the Seeking Sister Wife season 4 finale, Nick and his two wives married their third wife. The ceremony was officiated by Kendaka, who Nick refers to as his family’s advisor, but who appears to be some kind of polygamy guide.

She’s been helping us to maintain our orientation in terms of each other and our relationship, and the goals that we set
,” Nick told producers.

The wedding ends with Kendaka announcing, “I present to you Mr. and Mrs., and Mrs., and Mrs.” Seeking Sister Wife season 5 will chronicle Nick and his three wives courting a potential fourth wife.

Seeking Sister Wife

season 5 premieres on March 4, 2024, on TLC.

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