Sons Of The Forest: Every Medicine Crafting Recipe
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Sons Of The Forest: Every Medicine Crafting Recipe

To prevail in Sons Of The Forest, players must identify key ingredients and learn crafting recipes to create essential medicines for survival.

Medical supplies are paramount to surviving the dangers that lurk in the thrilling horror game Sons Of The Forest. You may initially explore the isolated island and scavenge for medicine bottles or ‘meds.’ Players can pick up a few bottles from the suitcases scattered around the destroyed helicopter when spawning at the crash site. However, these meds will inevitably run out, leaving you vulnerable in unfamiliar territory. As you continue to explore more treacherous environments and face more threatening enemies, the need for medicine will increase.



You are encouraged to identify and utilize herbal ingredients to craft natural medicine rather than searching for premade options. The island’s abundance of medicinal plants far exceeds the supply of meds. As a result, survivors will yield a greater quantity of medicine, ensuring a more sustainable and long-lasting supply.


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Sons of the Forest is a difficult game to get a handle on. There are a few things to keep in mind in the early game, such as food and resources.

How To Craft Medicine (Recipe) in Sons Of The Forest

Sons Of The Forest: Player foraging herbal ingredients to craft medicine, and identifying newly found plant, Aloe Vera.

There are only two recipes in Sons of the Forest that you need to learn for crafting medicine. With the correct materials, you can craft two types of consumables: Health Mix and Health Mix +. Players must access their crafting menu and use the following recipes to craft their desired medical packs:

Medicine Type

Materials Needed

HP Restored

Health Mix


Health Mix +

  • Fireweed
  • Horsetail
  • Aloe Vera


Players can forage for these ingredients by navigating certain regions of the island with the help of the GPS feature that displays the map. Yarrow grows near various beaches and caves around most of the island. A large cluster is located outside the Rebreather Cave on the northernmost shore of the island. Fireweed, Horsetail, and Aloe Vera grow on the island’s west side near rivers, lakes, and cave entrances.

Aloe Vera is scarce, and foraging for essential herbs eventually becomes tedious. The most time-efficient approach is to
build a wooden planter
grow and harvest your own plants
. Farming will ensure players are always stocked up on the necessary ingredients used for crafting.

Alternatives To Crafting

Sons Of The Forest: Sons Of The Forest: The player has spawned at a helicopter crash site, standing by unopened suitcases.

Alternatively, meds found in suitcases and boxes scattered around the island and by the crash site respawn every couple of in-game days. You can always return to these areas at your own risk for a quick restock if you are short of essential items in Sons of the Forest. By crafting medicine, survivalists will at least have reliable backup options to use while exploring the island’s danger zones or when defending against base raids.

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