South Park Creator Reveals Why Snow Day Isn’t A Fractured But Whole Sequel
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South Park Creator Reveals Why Snow Day Isn’t A Fractured But Whole Sequel


  • South Park: Snow Day!
    is a departure from previous games, focusing on replayability and real-time updates from the show.
  • With a shift to 3D graphics, the game offers more flexibility in creating the world of
    South Park
    for players to explore.
  • Players can battle as the New Kid in a live-action role-playing game, choosing sides between Cartman’s human alliance or Kyle’s elves.



South Park: Snow Day! may be the latest game to chronicle the New Kid’s journey in the titular town, but franchise co-creator Matt Stone explained that there’s a good reason it’s not a true sequel to The Fractured But Whole. The long-running animated series South Park stumbled on gold in 2014 with the turn-based RPG The Stick of Truth, which earned glowing reviews and sold well enough that the aforementioned follow-up arrived in 2017 to even more fanfare. Despite the success of these adaptations, the next game in the franchise is taking a decidedly different approach to the town of South Park.

In an interview with IGN, series co-creator Matt Stone explained that once the team shipped The Fractured But Whole, they were already itching to make another game but wanted to try something a little different that focused more on replayability. Stone said:

More about being able to update characters
. We always thought we wanted to do that thing where we do a thing in a show and then like, it’s in the game two weeks later, or three weeks, or whatever it is.

Stone elaborated that the other major shift for the development team was working in 3D, a huge change from the previous games’ 2D style that looked like it was ripped straight from the series. The leap into the third dimension was largely fueled by the team wanting more flexibility in how they built the game and its world given that working on a 2D plane was “really, really hard when you think about what you have to work with.”


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From the fantastic adventure of The Stick of Truth to the days of throwing snowballs at turkeys, South Park has had a long history in video games.

What Is South Park: Snow Day About?

Eric Cartman dressed as a wizard looking concerned while standing on a snow-covered table

Continuing the high fantasy spoof that started back in South Park: The Stick of Truth, Snow Day will see the town’s kids playing in a massive live-action role-playing game after a major snowstorm shuts down school. Players will once again step into the role of the New Kid as they battle hordes of enemies either fighting for Cartman’s human alliance or Kyle’s elves. Snow Day can be played either solo or with up to four friends, each of whom can bring unique skills and abilities into battle.

When Does South Park: Snow Day Launch?

Eric Cartman and his friends rejoicing at the snow in South Park: Snow Day

South Park: Snow Day is slated to arrive on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC on March 26. The game will be available to purchase for $29.99, a price point that may be the key to drawing in players who aren’t yet sold on the game’s drastic pivot to a new graphical style. Whether the shift turns out to be a winning formula remains to be seen but casting pretend fireballs at Cartman and his friends is always a good time.

Source: IGN

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South Park: Snow Day!

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March 26, 2024

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