Star Wars Outlaws Will Be “The Most Detailed Star Wars Experience”
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Star Wars Outlaws Will Be “The Most Detailed Star Wars Experience”

Hardware developer Nvidia explains that its technology will allow Star Wars Outlaws to be the most detailed game yet set in the galaxy far, far away.


  • Star Wars Outlaws
    promises a visually stunning experience with DLSS 3, ray tracing, and perfectly recreated ships and iconic locations.
  • Developed by Massive Entertainment, players will step into the role of intergalactic scoundrel Kay Vess, making her way through a galaxy under The Empire.
  • Outlaws aims to provide a scoundrel fantasy, featuring a variety of firearms, tools, and a companion Merqaal named Nix.



Star Wars Outlaws is looking to impress fans of the galaxy far, far away with its faithful creation of the sci-fi universe and thanks to Nvidia, it may just be one of the best-looking adaptations yet. Developed by Ubisoft, the action game will see players stepping into the role of an intergalactic scoundrel who must make her way through a galaxy caught within the iron grasp of The Empire. Given that the franchise is widely recognized for its sweeping visuals and iconic landscapes, Nvidia wants fans to know that Outlaws should be jaw-droppingly pretty.

Writing on the official Nvidia blog, the company states that Star Wars Outlaws is making ample use of its DLSS 3 and ray tracing technology, promising that the game features “perfectly recreated ships and iconic locations.”

Aside from these factors, the technology will reportedly result in “the most detailed Star Wars experience you’ve ever seen thanks in part to Ubisoft’s Snowdrop Engine which developer Massive Entertainment is using to create the game. Beyond graphics, Outlaws will also work in tandem with Nvidia Reflex, a program that should significantly reduce the game’s latency.


Star Wars Outlaws Is Missing Two Of The Biggest Crime Syndicates In New Canon

Star Wars Outlaws’ SDCC panel only revealed three crime syndicates that will play a part in the game, omitting some major ones from other media.

What Is Star Wars Outlaws?

Kay Vess and Nix in front of a planet and a ship

Following the announcement that publisher EA had lost the exclusive rights to develop Star Wars games, Ubisoft announced that one of its studios, Massive Entertainment, would be creating the first open-world game set in Lucasfilms’ universe. Set between the events of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, the story will focus on Kay Vess as she attempts to pull off the biggest heist the galaxy has ever seen. Players will be able to travel to several iconic planets, including Tatooine and Akiva, but Massive has confirmed that several original locations have been created specifically for the game.

Star Wars Outlaws Wants To Provide A Scoundrel Fantasy

Star Wars Outlaws protagonist Kay brandishing a blaster as she looks back on top of a speeder bike.

Star Wars Outlaws will appeal more to those fans who enjoy Han Solo more than Luke Skywalker given that Kay Vess isn’t a Force-sensitive Jedi and more an every-person just trying to make her way through the galaxy. Lightsabers won’t be part of the protagonist’s kit but she comes equipped with a variety of firearms and tools to make dispatching Stormtroopers a little easier. Perhaps most handy is her companion Nix, and adorable Merqaal who can be ordered to complete various objectives like collecting a dropped weapon or activating a switch that’s just a little too out of reach.

Source: Nvidia, YouTube

Star Wars Outlaws Game Poster

Star Wars Outlaws

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