Suicide Squad Isekai Release Date Revealed Alongside Explosive New Trailer
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Suicide Squad Isekai Release Date Revealed Alongside Explosive New Trailer


  • DC revealed a new trailer and release month for Suicide Squad ISEKAI anime, coming in July 2024.
  • Popular YouTuber Mori Calliope performs the ending theme song “Go-Getters.”
  • Suicide Squad ISEKAI promises an ambitious crossover of comics and isekai anime.



Warner Bros. has just revealed a new trailer for the highly anticipated Suicide Squad ISEKAI series while also revealing the series’ release month and opening song. The anime is one of the biggest ones this year, and it seems that it is coming much sooner than anticipated.

Announced in July 2023, Suicide Squad ISEKAI will see one of the most famous comic book groups join the world of anime, uniting two of the biggest fandoms.

The official account for DC Japan has unveiled a new promotional video that confirms that Suicide Squad Isekai will be airing in July 2024. The ending theme is also featured, and it will be titled “Go-Getters” and performed by popular YouTuber Mori Calliope.

Suicide Squad Meets Anime In An Epic Crossover

Harley Quinn, Joker, Peacemaker, and Deadshot Clash With a World of Fantasy

Official key visual of Suicide Squad Isekai displaying the Suicide Squad and other original characters

Until now, all that was known about the anime was that the villainous group was forced into a deadly mission by Amanda Walker into another world, but the main plot has been revealed through the trailer. The anime sees the Suicide Squad roped into a long war between two groups, with the group trying to bring about peace. This is ironic considering these criminals are far from peaceful, and bring about havoc and death wherever they go, so it will be interesting to see how they will handle a mission that goes against their core philosophy.


New Isekai With Uniquely Wholesome Premise Reveals 1st Trailer & Release Window

The new isekai fantasy anime, A Journey Through Another World: Raising Kids, has just received a release window and an exciting new trailer.

The trailer for this original series looks awesome, and it seems like the production had considerable resources to make the anime as gorgeous as it is. The music aspect is also covered, as the popular V-Tuber Mori Calliope, with a whopping 2.3 million subscribers, was brought aboard to make the ending theme, and it sounds great. From the makers of Attack On Titan and Spy X Family, and the highly experienced director Eri Osada to lead, the staff and cast are loaded, ensuring the anime will not disappoint.

Suicide Squad is an Ambitious Project With Plenty of Promise

Fans of Isekai & Comics Have Reason to Be Excited

Suicide Squad ISEKAI
isn’t DC Comics’ first animated brush with isekai anime, as 2018’s
Batman Ninja
also contained many elements familiar to fans of the genre.

Suicide Squad ISEKAI is an ambitious new series, making an American comic group the focus of one of anime’s most popular and unique genres. Although adapting Western characters into an anime is nothing new, such as the upcoming John Wick anime, this anime is one of the more interesting ones. There is still a lot unknown about the series, but there is enough to conclude that Suicide Squad Isekai will be one of the biggest anime this year.

Source: DC Japan.

Suicide Squad Isekai TV Poster

Suicide Squad ISEKAI

A project direct from WIT Studio in Japan, Suicide Squad ISEKAI is an animated action-adventure series that centers around the titular DC antihero team, with Harley Quinn and Joker being the main leads. Sent to another world, characters like Quinn and the Joker will wreak havoc on a fantasy world where they find themselves inexplicably whisked away.

Tappei Nagatsuki , Eiji Umehara

Eri Osada

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