Suits’ Scottie Actor Reveals Whether She’d Return For LA Spinoff
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Suits’ Scottie Actor Reveals Whether She’d Return For LA Spinoff


  • Abigail Spencer is open to reprising her role as Scottie in the new
    Suits L.A.
    spinoff, eager for a potential return to the show’s universe.
  • There is interest in seeing the original
    cast members return, including the possibility of Harvey Specter making a cameo in the new series.
  • Scottie’s presence in the pilot episode could pave the way for Macht’s return, offering insight into Harvey’s fate and potential dramatic storylines.



Abigail Spencer, the actor who played Harvey Specter’s former love interest Dana “Scottie” Scott, reveals whether she would return for the new Suits L.A. spinoff. First announced in October last year, this fresh spinoff of the hit legal drama will see the action move from New York to instead focus on a Los Angeles-based law firm specializing in the entertainment industry. Set to star Arrow’s Stephen Amell as former prosecutor turned defense attorney Ted Black, other confirmed cast members include Josh McDermitt (The Walking Dead) and Lex Scott Davis (The First Purge).

Spencer, who first joined the original Suits cast as Harvey’s on-again, off-again love interest in 2011’s season 1, recently spoke with TheA.V. Club about her potential return to the role in the new Suits spinoff. Revealing that while series creator Aaron Korsh originally meant for Harvey and Scottie to end up together, she admitted it made more sense for his character to end up with Sarah Rafferty’s Donna. Nonetheless, Spencer admitted she would be keen to return for the new show, which could potentially feature “anyone in the Suits universe.” Check out her comments below:

Yes! Scottie was such a fun character to play and really kind of the first character to take Harvey to task. Every season when I was available they just kept asking me back.

How Scottie Could Foreshadow A Potential Harvey Specter Appearance

Scottie and Harvey in an office in Suits

Spencer is not alone in wanting to see her character return for Suits L.A., with other actors such as Rick Hoffman, Patrick J. Adams, Gina Torres and Rafferty all expressing their own interest in reprising their roles. Yet among the entire cast of the original Suits, perhaps the one character audiences would be most keen to see would have to be Gabriel Macht’s fast-talking Harvey Specter. The unquestioned heart of the original series, Amell’s Ted Black will have a tough task proving himself worthy of following in Harvey’s footsteps as the new show’s leading man.

While Macht famously stepped away from acting after Suits finished in 2019, the overwhelming interest in his return could potentially prompt Korsch to reach out to the star and have him make a cameo appearance in the new spinoff. Yet such a move would likely not occur until after the proposed series is potentially picked up for a series order, long after the initial pilot episode that is planned to begin filming in March.

However, having Spencer’s Scottie show up in the Suits L.A. pilot episode, or earlier on in a possible season 1, could also potentially lay the groundwork for Macht’s return to the show’s shared universe. As one of Harvey’s most formidable and frequent legal opponents, Dana Scott could potentially offer some unique insight into Harvey’s fate after he left New York to join Mike Ross in Seattle after the Suits season 9 finale. Furthermore, a potential romantic entanglement with Amell’s character could also establish some exciting dramatic prospects for Harvey’s potential involvement later down the line.

Source: The A.V. Club

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Suits L.A.

Suits L.A. is a legal drama series spun off from the original franchise and will see Aaron Korsh return as the creator. Stephen Amell will take the role of Ted Black, a lawyer who must guide his legal firm out of a period of impending collapse.

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