Super Mario Bros Movie 2 Update Completely Ruins Disney’s Big Redemption Plan
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Super Mario Bros Movie 2 Update Completely Ruins Disney’s Big Redemption Plan


  • The Super Mario Bros Movie sequel’s April 2026 release date poses a challenge for Disney’s ambitious 2026 lineup.
  • Disney, with recent box office failures, faces competition from The Super Mario Bros Movie 2’s anticipated success.
  • Despite Disney’s star-studded 2026 lineup with franchises like Frozen and Toy Story, Mario’s sequel may outshine them all.



The Super Mario Bros Movie sequel is confirmed with an approximate release date, and it’s bad news for Disney‘s plans at redemption. The video game-based movie dominated the box office in 2023, so it’s no surprise that Illumination and Nintendo are investing in a continued story. In contrast, the House of Mouse had one of its worst years yet, with several of its most hopeful releases bombings at the box office. Based on Disney’s lineup for 2026, the company hopes this will be the year that things turn around, but the Mario sequel might make this more difficult.

Nintendo executive Shigeru Miyamoto and Illumination CEO Chris Meledandri have announced (via Screen Rant) that another Mario movie is on the way and even provided a US theatrical release date of April 3, 2026. The pair teased that the film would “[broaden] Mario’s world further” and would have a “bright and fun story,” which is undoubtedly intriguing after the $1.5 billion success of the first Super Mario Bros Movie. It’s easy to assume that this upcoming project will be another blockbuster, again dominating the world of animation—but what will this mean for Disney?


The Super Mario Bros. Movie 2: Release Date & Everything We Know

The Super Mario Bros. Movie was a smashing success which has prompted speculation about a sequel, and now Super Mario Bros. 2 is happening.

The Super Mario Bros Movie 2’s Release Date Is Bad News For Disney’s 2026 Plan

A confirmed release date for a Mario sequel so soon after The Super Mario Bros Movie is exciting, but it puts quite a damper on Disney’s 2026 plans. The studio already has a pretty ambitious lineup, indicating that Disney is trying to duplicate its $11 billion success from 5 years ago. In 2026, we will see movies like Frozen 3, Toy Story 5, and new Avengers and Star Wars movies, all franchises that saw their peak year in 2019. Apparently, Disney is desperate to make 2026 its big comeback year, but The Super Mario Bros Movie 2 is sure to be an obstacle.

Disney Movie Planned For 2026

Release Date

Avengers: The Kang Dynasty

May 1, 2026

The Mandalorian & Grogu

May 22, 2026

Toy Story 5

June 19, 2026

Frozen 3

November 25, 2026

Star Wars: The New Jedi Order

December 18, 2026

Though both animated movies Disney has so far announced for 2026 are sequels to billion-dollar franchises, The Super Mario Bros Movie 2 is still likely to have an edge. Frozen is on its third installment, while Toy Story is on its fifth. It’s possible that after so many years of watching these characters and stories play out, audiences will have begun to lose interest. On the other hand, the Mario movie is still fresh and new, and its continued success streaming on Netflix indicates that it has excellent rewatchability value. So, it’s likely that the Nintendo sequel will win out.

The Super Mario Bros Movie
has been on Netflix’s Top 10 for 11 consecutive weeks as of March 4 – March 10, 2024.

Disney Desperately Needs A Redemption Year

Asha and Valentino looking shocked and Star smiling from Disney's Wish.

The Mario sequel coming out the same year that Disney planned such a significant lineup wouldn’t be such a big deal if it weren’t for the company’s recent shortcomings. Disney CEO Bob Iger has been open about his frustration regarding recent animated releases, with reports reflecting that the company lost an estimated $900 million on underperforming movies in 2023 (via Screen Rant). Disney used to be the unchallenged leader in animation, but with Illumination seeing massive success with The Super Mario Bros Movie and the Despicable Me franchise, this is no longer the case.

Iger himself came out of retirement in an effort to save Disney, and the 2026 lineup indicates that his action plan involves leaning into what has worked in the past.

Iger himself came out of retirement in an effort to save Disney, and the 2026 lineup indicates that his action plan involves leaning into what has worked in the past. Of course, there will surely be a variety of new projects from the House of Mouse that year two, and the combination of nostalgic sequels and fresh ideas may be enough for redemption. However, with Illumination already working off a high point, it may be difficult for Disney to reclaim its title as the master of animation.

Could Disney’s Biggest 2026 Movies Survive Illumination’s Mario Sequel?

Blended image of Mario with his fist up and Elsa making her move from Frozen

Of course, just because Illumination and Nintendo are releasing a Super Mario Bros Movie 2 in 2026 doesn’t mean no one will be willing to go see Frozen 3 and Toy Story 5. The biggest benefit that Disney has going for it is that none of its confirmed titles are scheduled to release in April 2026, when Mario 2 is anticipated to hit theaters. There will be two months between the Illumination movie and Toy Story 5 and several more months before Frozen 3 releases, so there is a chance audiences will be up to heading to theaters and buying tickets for another animated movie.


Nintendo’s Movie Franchise Plans Mean Disney & Pixar’s Animated Reign Will End

Nintendo has plans to expand its intellectual properties, and that could help Illuminate dethrone Disney and Pixar when it comes to animation.

Still, if Disney’s hope is to dominate the box office for the year overall, Mario 2 may stand in the way. The first The Super Mario Bros Movie claimed the second place spot for 2023, losing out only to Barbie. Back in 2019, Frozen 2 brought in just a little more than Mario‘s 2023 box office ($1.5 billion), but these pre-pandemic numbers may be hard to duplicate. Then, Toy Story 4 made $1.1 billion, which means the 2026 sequel has minimal chance of beating out Mario. Ultimately, Disney can hope for a close race, and this may just be enough to redeem the company in the public eye.

Super Mario Bros Movie Poster

The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Mario jumps to the big screen in The Super Mario Bros Movie, directed by Teen Titans Go! collaborators Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic. Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Bowser, and more appear in this animated comedy that pits the characters in an all-new adventure set in the Mushroom Kingdom and beyond. You can buy The Super Mario Bros. Movie right now for $13, down from its usual price of $20.

Aaron Horvath , Michael Jelenic

Release Date
April 5, 2023

Universal Pictures

Matthew Fogel

92 Minutes

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