Sydney Sweeney’s Next Movie Can Give Her 2 Major Genre Hits Within 5 Months
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Sydney Sweeney’s Next Movie Can Give Her 2 Major Genre Hits Within 5 Months


  • Immaculate could be Sydney Sweeney’s next big hit after her romantic comedy success – a profitable movie star on the rise.
  • As a psychological horror film, Immaculate has the potential to captivate audiences with its low-budget box office success.
  • Despite a previous superhero flop, Sydney Sweeney’s popularity can drive audiences to Immaculate, establishing her as an exciting actress.



Sydney Sweeney’s Immaculate could be the young star’s second big genre hit in the span of five months. Her film, which will see her alongside Benedetta Porcaroli and The White Lotus star Simona Tabasco, is set to be released on March 22, 2024. Immaculate is a psychological horror film set at a convent in the Italian countryside, and trailers and promotion for the film suggest it could be a promising addition to Sweeney’s growing filmography, further establishing her as a profitable movie star.

In December, Sweeney’s highly anticipated romantic comedy, Anyone But You, was released in theaters to unexpected box office success. Anyone But You set multiple box office records, raking in nearly $200 million worldwide in its complete run, an enormous success compared to its $25 million budget. While the two films may be opposites in tone, they’re similar in that they’re both “genre films,” meaning they can easily be classified in their specific categories and don’t offer much to differentiate themselves. That sort of project typically won’t bring in award acclaim, but they can lead to consistent, low-budget box office hits.

Sydney Sweeney’s Immaculate Could Be A Surprise Horror Movie Hit At The Box Office

Immaculate may not seem like a giant commercial hit, and it probably won’t be pulling Barbie numbers, especially given that it will compete with the new Ghostbusters movie and Godzilla x Kong for the March box office. However, there aren’t many horror films releasing around it, so Immaculate can corner that market. Horror movies, in general, tend to be reasonably reliable box office successes, especially those that are simple genre films made on a low budget. The Conjuring movie franchise has several perfect examples of consistent, cheaply made box office hits.

With those factors in mind, there’s a solid chance that Immaculate could become a profitable hit and another excellent choice for Sweeney. After Euphoria and other HBO projects put her on the map, she’s done a fantastic job at picking roles to show off her acting versatility. Her continuously growing popularity could also help bring audiences to the box office for Immaculate, as Sydney Sweeney has become one of the film industry’s most famous and exciting actresses.


Two 2024 Horror Movies Share The Exact Same Premise (& Continue A Failed Genre Trend)

Both The First Omen and Immaculate seem to share the exact same story, and both major 2024 horror movies also bring back a divisive genre staple.

Anyone But You’s Box Office Success Is Good For Sydney Sweeney & Immaculate

Sydney Sweeney as Bea Looking Shocked in Anyone But You

Given Anyone But You’s $200 million box office run, there’s concrete precedence for Sweeney’s upcoming movies to be box office hits. Aside from Anyone But You 2 becoming an increasing possibility, the 26-year-old actress has a Ron Howard-directed film in production, a third season of Euphoria, and a film titled Echo Valley, where she’ll co-star with Julianne Moore. Anyone But You is constructed around the star power of Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell, with their chemistry guiding the movie to its success. Her popularity brought audiences to the box office, and she can do it again.

Glen Powell is the perfect example of how having a hit box office run can positively affect the actor’s next movie. His supporting role in Top Gun: Maverick put him on the map as a star in his own right, and his popularity in the $1 billion action movie was undoubtedly a factor in getting viewers to see Anyone But You in theaters. Similarly, Sydney Sweeney’s success with the rom-com could impact Immaculate, assuming the film is well-reviewed and establishes exciting marketing.

Sydney Sweeney’s Upcoming Projects

Development Stage


Releases in theaters on March 22

Euphoria Season 3

Releases on HBO in 2025



Echo Valley


Immaculate & Anyone But You Can Help Make Up For Sydney Sweeney’s Superhero Flop

Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney walking outside together in Madame Web

Technically, Immaculate won’t be Sydney Sweeney’s first major release since Anyone But You, as the actress recently appeared in the commercial failure Madame Web. The film has been a critical and box office failure, with a 12% Rotten Tomatoes score and a disappointing opening weekend. Still, there are crucial differences between Madame Web and Immaculate, indicating the horror film will still succeed.

Madame Web
probably won’t be too detrimental to Sydney Sweeney’s future, as the disappointment of the film has very little to do with its talented cast.

Not only is Sweeney not the star of Madame Web, but the film being connected to a more extensive series inhibits the marketability of its cast, relying on characters and franchise names to attract box office attention instead. That said, Madame Web probably won’t be too detrimental to Sydney Sweeney’s future, as the disappointment of the film has very little to do with its talented cast. The marketing for Immaculate will focus more on Sydney Sweeney, creating higher stakes for the actress in the film’s success.

Immaculate Movie Poster Showing Sydney Sweeney Dressed as a Nun with Blood Around Her Collar


Immaculate is a 2024 horror film directed by Michael Mohan and stars Sydney Sweeney. When a devout woman named Cecilia is offered a position at a prestigious convent in Italy, she takes it with little hesitation. However, Cecilia’s world is turned upside down when she discovers the terrible secrets hidden within her new place of faith.

michael mohan

Release Date
March 22, 2024

Fifty-Fifty Films , Black Bear

Sydney Sweeney , Álvaro Morte , Benedetta Porcaroli , Dora Romano , Giorgio Colangeli , Simona Tabasco

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