Say what you want about the NBA, it still values its titans

For all the misguided complaints about the melodrama that can be the NBA at times, or the claims that its “wokeness” will be its ruin, or how the league beats itself up over load management or whatever else, it still offers something that none of the other three non-NFL leagues can. And that’s regular-season games […]

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2023 NHL goals leaders

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The Pittsburgh Penguins lasted longer than they were supposed

In the salary-cap era of the NHL, no team gets to go out on their shield, really. The Datsyuk-and-Zetterberg era of the Wings fled to the Eastern Conference, took a couple first-round beatdowns, and then slipped into the playoff-less ooze that the organization only might just be emerging from. Ovechkin’s Capitals have been spiky enough […]

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