Terrifier 3 Set Photos Give A Bloody Look At Art The Clown’s Holiday-Themed Return
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Terrifier 3 Set Photos Give A Bloody Look At Art The Clown’s Holiday-Themed Return


  • Terrifier 3
    set photos reveal Art the Clown’s holiday-themed return as a bloody Santa.
  • The third film is directed once again by Damien Leone and will feature a handful of familiar characters returning.
  • Leone has confirmed that
    Terrifier 3
    will be shorter than the most recent sequel and will tone down the supernatural elements.



Terrifier 3 set photos have been shared online, showing Art the Clown’s bloody, holiday-themed return. After the success of the first two movies in 2016 and 2022, director Damien Leone is set to return to his gory horror franchise with a third installment, which is due out later this year. David Howard Thornton’s Art the Clown has now become an iconic figure in the horror movie landscape, and his next killing spree is confirmed to be a holiday-themed one.

As the Terrifier 3 release date approaches, @SandtJonathan has shared images from the film’s set on X, formerly known as Twitter. In the images, which are available at the link above, Art is shown dressed up as Santa Claus, with blood covering his costume. One of the images shows the character sitting on an ornate chair while the other shows him looking surprised in front of a Christmas tree display.


Terrifier 3’s Art the Clown Return Must Avoid A Common Horror Franchise Mistake

After Terrifier 2’s success, Art the Clown risks falling into a classic horror franchise trap with his much-hyped return in Terrifier 3.

What To Expect From Terrifier 3

How Terrifier 2’s Reception Shaped The Third Film

Art the Clown dressed as Santa for Terrifier 3

Very little story information has been revealed about Terrifier 3, but these aren’t exactly plot-heavy movies. This franchise’s bread and butter are intense moments of gruesome gore, and the upcoming third installment is seemingly guaranteed to continue this trend. To that end, the Terrifier 3 budget is the franchise’s biggest yet, potentially meaning a bigger and bolder outing for Art.

A handful of familiar faces are expected return as part of the Terrifier 3 cast, including Lauren LaVera as Sienna. Chris Jericho has also confirmed that he will be returning as Burke, though the actor has already provided an early reveal regarding his fate. In an interview with MovieWeb, Jericho shares that audiences shouldn’t expect Burke to last very long in the threequel, but he does promise that the movie “ups the ante even more.” Check out a chart of the expected cast members below:


Terrifier 3 Character

Lauren LaVera


David Howard Thornton

Art the Clown

Samantha Scaffidi

Victoria Heyes

Margaret Anne Florence


Elliot Fullam

Jonathan Shaw

Chris Jericho


Speaking about the reception to his latest sequel, Leone previously confirmed to Screen Rant that he is “doing my best to keep it under two hours this time.” The director also confirmed that the supernatural elements will be returning, though they will be toned down. While Terrifier 2‘s box office took the horror franchise to new heights, it’s clear that Leone has also used the film as a learning experience regarding how to shape a third installment. Judging from the latest Terrifier 3 set images, the upcoming sequel will still have lots of bloody Art the Clown action.

Source: @SandtJonathan/ X

Terrifier 3 Poster

Terrifier 3

Terrifier 3 is the third film in Damien Leone’s ultra-violent horror series starring David Howard Thornton as Art the Clown. The third film is set during Christmas time, with Art unleashing his reign of terror on Miles County citizens on Christmas Eve. Lauren LaVera returns as Sienna, along with Damien Leone as director and writer.

Damien Leone

Dark Age Cinema , Fuzz on the Lens Productions


Damien Leone

David Howard Thornton , Lauren LaVera

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