The 100 Could Have Saved Its Later Seasons With 1 Risky Character Choice
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The 100 Could Have Saved Its Later Seasons With 1 Risky Character Choice


  • The 100 could have saved its last seasons by focusing on the next generation of characters like Jordan, Madi, and Hope.
  • Clarke and Bellamy’s story should have ended after season 5 to prevent the decline in character development.
  • The final season backlash could have been avoided if the show took a risky move and shifted towards the next generation.



The 100 could’ve saved the last seasons of the series by taking a risk with the main characters. Adapted loosely from the eponymous book series by Kass Morgan, the CW series is a post-apocalyptic, sci-fi dystopia that follows 100 juvenile delinquents from the Ark who return to Earth 97 years after the nuclear apocalypse to see if they can survive. However, unexpectedly, they discover that they aren’t alone on Earth.

After years on the air, The 100 ended after season 7, lasting for exactly 100 episodes. This ending wasn’t due to the CW canceling the show. Instead, showrunner Jason Rothenberg decided to end the show because he felt the story was finished. Unfortunately, the show was struggling for at least the last two seasons prior to ending. There was a clear solution to this problem. However, it would’ve required a massive risk involving the main characters, which could’ve backfired. However, it also could’ve allowed the show to continue for many more seasons without burning out.


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The 100’s Later Seasons Should Have Focused On The Next Generation Of Characters

The 100 Introduced A New Generation Of Characters, Including Jordan, Madi, and Hope

Both these characters were well-developed, compelling to watch, and were built up to be the series’ future.

In the later seasons of The 100, the writers introduced the next generation of characters who could’ve taken on the central role in the series. Jordan Green is the son of Monty Green and Harper McIntyre, who was placed in cryosleep for almost a century. He’s first introduced in The 100’s season 5 finale. Madi Griffin is a Nightblood Grounder and the adopted daughter of Clarke, first joining the series late in The 100 season 4 and becoming a bigger role in season 5. Both these characters were well-developed, compelling to watch, and were built up to be the series’ future.

Even later in the series, The 100 added more young characters who could lead the story. Hope Diyoza is the daughter of Charmine Diyoza and Paxton McCreary, who guest stars in The 100 season 6 and becomes a main character in the final season. Unfortunately, this was all for naught. The 100 decided instead to keep centering on the characters who’ve been around since the beginning – most notably Clarke and Bellamy. Ultimately, their stubbornness towards taking a risk negatively impacted the series and led to one of the worst last seasons of TV shows.

Clarke & Bellamy’s Story Should Have Ended After The 100 Season 5

Clarke And Bellamy Were Wasted And Ruined In The 100 Seasons 6 And 7

The 100 made a huge mistake by continuing to focus on Clarke and Bellamy throughout the entire show. Their development hit a stalling point at the end of The 100 season 5, meaning they had to undermine character growth to create a compelling ending. Bellamy joining Second Dawn doesn’t make sense by season 7. He’d already learned from Pike and the Grounders, making his ideals different than they were earlier in the show. Plus, Bellamy didn’t appear in most of The 100 season 7, making it seem like they didn’t know what to do with the character anymore.

It’s even more cruel that Clarke doesn’t get to ascend since she’s one of the most deserving characters.

Additionally, Clarke killing Bellamy in The 100 was both shocking and anticlimactic. This ending didn’t make sense for either character involved. This negatively impacted Clarke’s development. The choice didn’t feel authentic to the character, serving to further a parabolic message instead. It’s even more cruel that Clarke doesn’t get to ascend since she’s one of the most deserving characters, throughout The 100. Ultimately, the way that they handled these characters seems like they didn’t care about the couple with whom viewers invested their emotions and time.


The 100 Cast – Where Are They Now?

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Truthfully, The 100 should’ve stopped following Clarke and Bellamy at the end of season 5 after they’d reunited and gotten back on positive terms. This was the natural stopping point for their story. They’d already grown as much as they could and gotten the happy ending they deserved. What’s more, The 100 season 6 seemed to rehash the idea of Clarke and Bellamy being separated and united again, which is, frankly, boring to watch. Then, their final season goes downhill quickly. This story went on for too long instead of recognizing when it was time to pass the torch.

The 100 Could Have Avoided Its Final Season Backlash With This Risky Character Choice

The 100’s Season 7 Failure Could’ve Been Prevented

The 100 season 7 is by far the worst season of the entire series. The show inserted mythology with internal rules that didn’t make sense. They erred in the way they killed off main characters. When killing protagonists, the deaths need to be earned and occur in a way that fits. The deaths in The 100 season 7 fell flat since the writers didn’t fulfill either of the aforementioned requirements. The series also split apart the group nonsensically, causing The 100 to follow too many separate storylines. Plus, The 100 ruining all the characters comes across as reductive, sloppy writing.

The 100 would have avoided almost all these issues if the show had shifted toward the next generation of characters. They could have avoided incorporating all the confusing mythos. There would’ve been far fewer unanswered questions created in The 100 season 7. Additionally, they would’ve had more directions that they could go if they really wanted to kill off the main characters. The writers of The 100 could have gone with original characters or any of the next generation.

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