The Conners’ Baffling Crystal Joke Mocks Roseanne’s Death (& It Makes Me Very Uncomfortable)
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The Conners’ Baffling Crystal Joke Mocks Roseanne’s Death (& It Makes Me Very Uncomfortable)

Warning! Spoilers ahead for The Conners season 6, episode 5.




  • Crystal’s return in
    The Conners
    season 6 brings an update on her health and relationship with Dan.
  • A joke about Crystal’s pain meds in the latest episode disrespects Roseanne’s death from an overdose.
  • The possibility of Crystal returning in future episodes remains uncertain, but her storyline could continue.

The Conners season 6 joke about Crystal’s condition disrespects Roseanne’s death. After several years of absence in the Roseanne spinoff, Natalie West returns with a substantial update about what has been going on in her life. As one of the most prominent supporting cast members in the cult family sitcom, Crystal has a long history with the Conners, particularly with Jackie and Roseanne. That being said, her comeback appearance in The Conners season 6, episode 5, “When Sisters Collide and The Return of the Grifters,” will move forward her relationship with Dan.

For context, Crystal started as Jackie and Roseanne’s close friend from their days working at Wellman Plastics factory. Her close bond with the Harris sisters effectively incorporated her into the original show’s storytelling. Her arc had an unexpected turn when she developed a romantic relationship with Dan’s dead-beat father, Ed Conner. This made Crystal the stepmother of the Harris-Conner family patriarch, which was an odd relationship to have. The Conners hasn’t really touched upon that plot, especially since there hasn’t been any need for it following Ed’s death. That changes in Crystal’s The Conners season 6 return.


The Conners Is Setting Up Another Main Character Exit

The Conners may already be setting up another main character exit after Bev’s seeming farewell episode not even halfway through season 6.

Crystal’s Pain Med Joke Disrespects Roseanne’s Overdose Death

Roseanne laughing with two of her friends (one of whom is Crystal) on Roseanne

West’s Crystal doesn’t appear until after the midpoint of “When Sisters Collide and The Return of the Grifters.” After Dan spends the whole episode being chastised by Neville for not using the money he lent him for its intended purpose, it is eventually revealed that the Conner patriarch funneled the funds to a far more pressing matter. He helped Crystal pay her medical bills for her congestive heart failure, hence why she will be staying at the iconic Lanford home for a couple of weeks to recuperate. As his father’s widow, Dan thought it was the right thing to do.

In true Roseanne franchise fashion, The Conners makes light of the situation, with Crystal cracking jokes, including one, which unfortunately, doesn’t land as the writers would have wanted it to. In her state, Crystal funnily mentions being given some gummies for her pain just before she scuttles to her bedroom. Considering Roseanne’s death from an opioid overdose, the quip isn’t exactly funny. Granted that The Conners is first and foremost a sitcom, the franchise has always done a great job showing the ugly realities of middle-class America. Crystal’s comment about receiving medication for her pain is quite off-putting.

Will Crystal Return In The Conners Season 6?

Natalie West's Crystal stands in the Conners living room in front of Sara Gilbert's Darlene in The Conners

Despite its shortened season, The Conners season 6 will also celebrate its 100th episode, and featuring a legacy character like Crystal for the occasion sounds good. That being said, there is currently no confirmation about West’s return. Depending on the show’s storytelling pacing, it’s possible that when the narrative resumes in the next episode, she will still be recuperating at Dan’s house. He says that she is supposed to stay for a few weeks with them. Beyond that, Crystal’s situation is already reason enough to bring her back. If she meets her end, hopefully, The Conners doesn’t set up another off-screen death like it did with Bev.

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