The Golden Bachelorette Casting Director Gives Cryptic Update About Lead Amid Speculation
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The Golden Bachelorette Casting Director Gives Cryptic Update About Lead Amid Speculation


  • Casting director Jacqui Pitman hints at the lead for The Golden Bachelorette, stating “she’s amazing.”
  • Jacqui Pitman is looking for men with compassion and empathy to date the Golden Bachelorette, seeking someone with layers, great energy, and charisma.
  • The highly anticipated announcement of The Golden Bachelorette lead has fans excited for the premiere in fall 2024.



Ever since the first season of The Golden Bachelorette was officially announced by ABC, there has been a lot of speculation about who’ll be the lead, and now casting director Jacqui Pitman implies that the role has been cast. The Golden Bachelor starring Gerry Turner was a tremendous hit for ABC and culminated in Gerry getting married to Theresa Nist in a live, televised ceremony. It was no surprise when ABC greenlit the Golden Bachelorette spin-off, but the network has been tight-lipped about who will star in the reality dating series.

“I can tell you nothing! But she’s amazing.”

In an interview with The Red Carpet (via 6ABC), The Golden Bachelorette season 1 casting director Jacqui Pitman couldn’t give much information about who’ll be the lead of the show. However, she did say, “I can tell you nothing! But she’s amazing.” This implies that the lead has been cast. Rumored leads have been members of Gerry’s Golden Bachelor cast, including Leslie Fhima, Faith Martin, Susan Noles, Kathy Swarts, and Joan Vassos.


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The Golden Bachelorette Could Possibly Be A Celebrity

Kathie Lee Gifford on the Today Show Set Smiling

Since The Golden Bachelorette series was announced, there has been some speculation that a celebrity could take the lead of the show instead of a former Golden Bachelor contestant. Kathie Lee Gifford’s former Today co-stars, Hota Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager threw her name into the mix, while Ross Mathews suggested Meryl Streep, Diane Keaton, and Sharon Stone, while discussing the topic on The Drew Barrymore Show. In addition, Susan Lucci has also been mentioned as a potential Golden Bachelorette lead. All of these women are fan favorites who could bring a lot of charisma and intrigue to the show.

Of course, casting a celebrity comes with pros and cons. On the one hand, fans of celebrities are invested in their lives, so they’d be thrilled to see them begin a journey to find love. However, this can raise expectations for the celebrity and cause disappointment if she doesn’t live up to people’s standards. Also, the Golden Bachelorette contestants might not join the show for the right reasons, but instead to jump at the chance to date a celebrity. If the Golden Bachelorette casting directors want someone who’s known to the public for the lead, their best bet would probably be a former Golden Bachelor contestant.

The Golden Bachelorette Could Be An Unknown

Susan Noles Officiating The Golden Bachelor Wedding Of Theresa Nist and Gerry Turner

Like The Golden Bachelor, which cast previously unknown Gerry in the lead role, it’s possible that The Golden Bachelorette could also be an entirely new person. This would prevent fans from having any preconceived notions about the lead, and allow her to begin her journey without the pressure of high expectations. Since the lead would be brand-new, she’d begin her journey with a clean slate, which is very important as Bachelor Nation fans can be very critical at times. Plus, having someone new as the lead might make the experience seem more authentic, rather than just a continuation of the previous season.

The Bachelor franchise used to cast brand-new people as the Bachelor every season, but then got into the habit of choosing their leads from previous seasons of The Bachelorette. In addition, their Bachelorettes have come from The Bachelor. It might be refreshing for TheGolden Bachelor and The Golden Bachelorette to break that tradition and introduce audiences to completely new people every season. It would make the series unpredictable and exciting.

Golden Bachelorette Men Should Have “Compassion & Empathy”

The Bachelor Casting Director Wants Charismatic Cast Members

Jacqui also revealed what kind of men she’s looking for as they apply to date the Golden Bachelorette. She said, “Of course, I want compassion and empathy. I want a guy who has layers and just great energy…is charismatic.” She added, “I want when he comes out of the limo our Bachelorette to go, ‘WOW.'” Jacqui shared that she feels protective of the Golden Bachelorette lead, so she was happy “to actually be able to sit down and talk to [the potential suitors] at the beautiful age of 60, 65, 70. I’ve gotten great little nuggets from them. And more than anything, they want to be happy.”

The casting director did a fantastic job of finding the perfect mix of women for Gerry’s Golden Bachelor season. They each had compelling backstories, wonderful personalities, and were open to finding love again. Hopefully, whoever was cast as the Golden Bachelorette will have as much luck with her cast as Gerry did with his. It’s good to know that the casting director is being very particular about what she’s looking for when it comes to choosing men to date the Golden Bachelorette. If all goes well, perhaps there will be another Golden Wedding in ABC’s future.

The announcement of The Golden Bachelorette lead has been one of the most anticipated events in reality television this year. There were so many fan-favorite women from whom to choose that the casting director really couldn’t have gone wrong. It goes without saying that if any of the Golden Bachelor women who’ve been rumored to be frontrunners for the role were cast, they’d be “amazing.” Those women were a very big part of why the show was such a success in the first place, and it would be lovely to see one of them continue her journey to find love in a season of her own.

The Golden Bachelorette

will premiere in the fall of 2024 on ABC.

Sources: 6ABC, The Golden Bachelorette/Instagram

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The Golden Bachelorette

Following up on the success of The Golden Bachelor, The Golden Bachelorette is a new dating reality series created for ABC that sees an older woman looking for love out of a group of several eligible bachelors.


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