The Last Of Us Season 2 Needs To Expand On One Key Storyline (In Order To Fix Abby)
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The Last Of Us Season 2 Needs To Expand On One Key Storyline (In Order To Fix Abby)


  • Abby’s journey to Jackson needs to be expanded on in The Last of Us season 2 to address criticisms.
  • The game barely delves into the treacherous trek from Seattle to Jackson, a story HBO can fix.
  • Exploring Abby’s background could help viewers understand her character and actions better.



Abby is one of the most criticized parts of The Last of Us Part II, and in order to fix her HBO’s The Last of Us season 2 needs to expand on one key storyline. The Last of Us Part II goes fairly in-depth when discussing most of its main arcs, with each character being fully fleshed-out in a way that most of the franchise’s contemporaries haven’t managed to achieve. However, one of the most crucial parts of The Last of Us Part II goes relatively unexplained, which is why HBO needs to fix it in season 2.

The Last of Us season 2 is the highly-anticipated continuation of HBO’s critically acclaimed adaptation of the video game series of the same name, with the upcoming batch of episodes set to adapt the game’s sequel, The Last of Us Part II. Although the first season was fairly accurate, The Last of Us season 1 changed the video game’s story in some big ways, expanding on the storylines of characters like Bill and Frank as well as fleshing out the origins of the virus. The Last of Us season 2 could continue this trend, expanding a major Abby arc.

HBO’s The Last Of Us Needs To Expand Abby’s First Journey To Jackson

If season 2 of HBO’s The Last of Us wants to expand on a storyline from The Last of Us Part II, then Abby’s first journey to Jackson is the perfect candidate. The beginning of The Last of Us Part II sees Abby and her WLF friends arrive in Jackson, with them finding and killing Joel as revenge for Joel killing Abby’s father at the end of the first game. The gang then leaves town and heads back to Seattle, with the majority of the game focusing on Abby’s journey back as Ellie is in hot pursuit.


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Despite Abby’s killing of Joel being one of the most important elements of The Last of Us Part II, the game barely explores how Abby got to Jackson. Traveling from Seattle, Washington to Jackson City, Wyoming is an incredibly treacherous trek, as the rest of the game is about how dangerous the opposite journey is. However, the trials that Abby and her friends face while going from Seattle to Jackson aren’t delved into at all, something that The Last of Us season 2 really needs to fix.

Exploring Abby’s First Journey To Jackson Can Fix The Biggest Abby Criticisms

Due to Abby killing Joel in The Last of Us Part II, many fans had a problem with Abby – but exploring Abby’s first journey to Jackson can fix these criticisms. The Last of Us Part II attempts to pull off an interesting trick by starting with Abby killing Joel, only for the game to try and convince players to sympathize with Abby at the end of the game. While this trick did work for many, this risky decision didn’t sit well with some players, with them finding it hard to care about Abby due to her murder of Joel.

Having The Last of Us season 2 focus on Abby’s journey to Jackson could help assuage these criticisms, as it would allow viewers to get to know Abby before she kills Joel. Although it would take away some of the surprise, as Abby would definitely be talking about her plan to kill him, delving into the reason for her revenge could help ease audiences into her story. While this plan would be divisive for fans of the game, it is a solution to fixing some of the purported problems with Abby.

What The Last Of Us Part II Reveals About How Abby Got To Jackson

Abby looking angry in The Last of Us Part II

Despite The Last of Us Part II spending a lot of its time with Abby, the game reveals a surprisingly small amount of her journey to Jackson. Before Abby’s journey, she was a Firefly who later decided to join the WLF. Throughout her time with the organization, she kept an eye out for clues of Joel’s whereabouts. Upon hearing rumors that Joel’s brother Tommy Miller was living in Jackson, she recruited Owen and some other friends to go check it out.


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The game then jumps to several months later, with Abby and the WLF having already arrived in Wyoming. The gang’s entire journey is completely skipped over, and while some bits of dialogue reference it, almost none of it is seen. Expanding on this expedition would help tie up some of the loose ends from the game, making The Last of Us season 2 stronger.

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