The Ones Who Live Just Introduced The Walking Dead’s Most Impressive Zombie Weapons Yet
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The Ones Who Live Just Introduced The Walking Dead’s Most Impressive Zombie Weapons Yet


  • Homemade missile launcher brings new firepower to The Walking Dead world thanks to Nat in The Ones Who Live episode 2.
  • Nat’s inventive missile launcher takes down a CRM helicopter with ease, showcasing his impressive skills and resourcefulness.
  • Nat’s sudden death in The Walking Dead episode 2 is a disappointing loss, as he could have provided unique and exciting opportunities.



Warning: Spoilers for The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live episode 2

Thanks to The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live episode 2, the franchise now boasts an indispensable tool against the zombie threat. The zombie apocalypse has forced certain characters to get rather innovative when it comes to fighting the zombies. Though guns and bullets are still available, they’re not always easy to find, and not everyone has the know-how to make their ammunition like Eugene.

This situation has yielded some interesting and unique weapon choices in The Walking Dead’s world. Daryl carried a flail in The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, Alicia wore a prosthetic arm equipped with blades in Fear the Walking Dead, and Aaron occasionally used a mace head in place of his missing hand in the main show’s later seasons. Characters in the franchise have improvised to come up with other handy weapons as well. One that would have nearly made any battle easier was just introduced in The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live, courtesy of Michonne’s friend, Nat.


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Nat’s Weapons In The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live Explained

Michonne in Walking Dead Ones Who Live

Established early on as a survivor with a talent for building things, Nat crafted what can be best described as a homemade missile launcher. Knowing how to make explosives, Nat used his expertise to make a weapon that can be used to combat the zombies. Its effectiveness was on display when Michonne used it to blow up zombies in the horde blocking the way north in the beginning of the episode. A more potent variation of it was utilized by Nat himself when they saw the CRM helicopter for the second time. Setting up a tripod to help hold it, Nat attached a launcher to his shoulder and loaded it with explosive bolts.

The weapon’s functionality is similar to that of a spear gun. However, it has the destructive potential of a rocket launcher. With it, Nat was able to shoot the helicopter out of the sky. It being able to hit the helicopter proves it has excellent range, with the tripod contributing a lot to its accuracy. Adding to its usefulness was the fact that it wasn’t difficult or slow to use. Nat quickly loaded it again and fired another explosive projectile at the surviving CRM soldiers.

Nat’s Zombie Weapons Are A Brilliantly Fun Addition To The Walking Dead

Matthew August Jeffers as Nat after looking through a monocular in The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live episode 2.

Nat’s homemade rocket launchers make for a great addition to The Walking Dead’s universe. Because of weapons like the flail and the prosthetic armaments given to characters like Aaron and Alicia, The Walking Dead is host to all sorts of weapons capable of chopping off heads and crushing skulls. And though it’s not been averse to explosions, grenade launchers and weapons of the like are hardly common in The Walking Dead’s shows. That’s part of what makes Nat’s actions in The Ones Who Live episode 2 so surprising.

Nat single-handedly taking down a helicopter owned by the strongest known military force in The Walking Dead’s world is an impressive feat for the character and a testament to his abilities as an inventor. It forced the CRM soldiers to go on the defensive, making them panic and scramble. Members of the CRM being put in such a state is a rare sight made even more shocking by how easily it was accomplished. Thanks to his weapons, Nat nearly took down Rick and Okafor’s entire CRM team – and made it look easy in the process.

The Walking Dead Killing Off Nat So Soon Is A Mistake

What he was able to pull off in The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live episode 2 is just one of the reasons why Nat’s death is a big loss for The Walking Dead. In spite of only being featured in a single episode, Nat had already emerged as one of the best parts of Rick and Michonne’s spinoff. Numerous, heartfelt character moments, as well as some meaningful pieces of advice to Michonne, helped make Nat instantly likable.

His personality quirks and dynamic with Michonne aside, Nat is a character that would have granted The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live with all sorts of opportunities. Someone who can wreak havoc on zombie hordes and knock helicopters out of the air would be a welcome ally to Rick’s group in several of their previous conflicts, including the All-Out War. All things considered, Nat seeing the fight with the CRM through to the end would have provided the spinoff with a great deal of entertaining moments in regards to both the narrative and the action.

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