The Ones Who Live Season 2 Gets Cryptic Tease From Walking Dead Showrunner
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The Ones Who Live Season 2 Gets Cryptic Tease From Walking Dead Showrunner


  • The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live
    showrunner Scott Gimple hints at the possibility of season 2, with the potential for a storyline expansion.
  • AMC’s hopes for
    The Walking Dead
    ‘s longevity means the Rick and Michonne spinoff could get renewed.
  • The future of the series may hinge on revelations about the CRM, making a compelling story that could justify another season.



The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live showrunner Scott Gimple offers a cryptic tease that could indicate season 2 of the show will happen. The new spinoff follows Rick and Michonne after they departed from the main series, focusing on their run-ins with the CRM and subsequent attempts to escape. It has been billed as a six-episode event series, indicating the couple’s story will be over by the end of season 1.

However, in a report from the Los Angeles Times, Gimple revealed “anything can happen” regarding The Ones Who Live season 2. His statement was accompanied by confirmation from AMC Studios’ President Dan McDermott that The Walking Dead franchise as a whole is far from over. The showrunner’s short statement could be a good sign that the Rick and Michonne spinoff will continue beyond its first six episodes.

Should The Ones Who Live Get Renewed For Season 2?

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In the report, McDermott also called The Walking Dead a multigenerational IP,” indicating plans for the whole franchise to continue far into the future. This adds credibility to Gimple’s claim, indicating The Ones Who Live season 2 is a very real possibility. If it were to get renewed, it would continue to make Rick and Michonne important figures in the franchise while also expanding on how big a threat the CRM are.

However, while it would be interesting to see more of its core duo and learn more about the CRM’s plans in The Walking Dead universe, the show would have to continue in a way that doesn’t jeopardize the story being told. Since the spinoff was billed as an event series, it likely has a definitive finale that will wrap up Rick and Michonne’s attempt to get home. If the series were to continue beyond its intended ending, there would need to be an engaging reason for the story to continue.

Luckily, the CRM’s 500-year plan is key information that hasn’t been delivered yet, which could have an impact on the entire zombie franchise. Depending on what this plan turns out to be, it could justify The Ones Who Live continuing beyond its intended endpoint. While a satisfying conclusion for Rick and Michonne’s story would be the best outcome, an exciting story could make a continuation worthwhile.

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Source: Los Angeles Times

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