This Has Been The Biggest Casting Flaw In Married At First Sight Season 17
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This Has Been The Biggest Casting Flaw In Married At First Sight Season 17


  • MAFS season 17 struggles due to poor matches, casting needs more authentic people for success.
  • Brennan & Austin prioritize perception over relationships, impacting their success on the show.
  • Viewers blame experts for failing relationships, but participants and casting process also play a role.



Married At First Sight season 17 has been difficult for many of the participants, indicating there are flaws in the casting process that have yet to be addressed. Throughout the Married At First Sight casting process, participants are asked questions about their personalities, preferences, and potential partners. MAFS season 17 has brought new cast members onto the show and put them into relationships that were arranged by the experts, but the participants have struggled to create meaningful connections that stick on the series. While some attribute this to the experts, others feel the casting process is to blame.

Although the casting is thorough and the experts work hard to match the participants, the viewers of MAFS typically blame the experts when the relationships fall short. Usually, Married At First Sight viewers put their anger on the experts when relationships struggle because the experts are the people who match up the couples, focusing on the strengths they feel they’d have in a relationship. While the participants have the power on the series, it may be beyond their control as well as the experts as to who stays together and who breaks up on Married At First Sight.


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Season 17 Has Been Very Unsuccessful With Matching

After 17 seasons of Married At First Sight, the couples on the show have somehow managed to match up worse than ever. The couples on MAFS season 17 have been struggling throughout the season, mostly due to the fact that they’re not strong matches. While Brennan & Emily, Becca & Austin, and Chloe & Michael are still working towards making their final decisions, Clare & Cameron and Lauren & Orion broke things off early. The couples who have already chosen to break things off are aware that their relationships weren’t working, as they were unevenly matched up by the experts.

Brennan & Austin Care More About How They Are Perceived

Married at First Sight's Brennan montage with flames and pink overlay

While some of the Married At First Sight cast members are on the series to find a partner and move into the next phase of their lives together, others are simply there to find a niche on reality TV. The current cast of MAFS has a few members, including Brennan and Austin, who have proven they care more about their perception on the show than their relationships. In the most recent episode, both Austin and Brennan expressed concerns that by showing their true feelings or being spoken about, sharing that they didn’t want to be perceived poorly on the show.

MAFS Casting Needs To Cast Authentic People

Married at First Sight season 17 Becca Haley montage with purple background

Married At First Sight may be struggling with the cast members in the current season, but in the future, the series needs to think about what its participants are truly looking for. In the future, the series’ casting directors need to focus on authenticity rather than other characteristics, honing in on people who actually want to find love in their lives. If they choose participants who are hoping to find genuine relationships, the Married At First Sight experts may not have as difficult time matching the cast up, leading to more successful relationships.

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