This Legendary Actress Is “Totally Addicted” To The Bachelor & The Golden Bachelor
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This Legendary Actress Is “Totally Addicted” To The Bachelor & The Golden Bachelor


  • Legendary actress Susan Lucci confesses she’s addicted to The Bachelor and The Golden Bachelor, surprising viewers with her fandom.
  • Many high-profile celebrities, including Sarah Hyland, Ashton Kutcher, and Taylor Swift, are part of Bachelor Nation and enjoy the shows.
  • Fans of the franchise are excited for the upcoming installment of The Golden Bachelorette, expecting authentic and vulnerable stories.



The Bachelor and The Golden Bachelor have some incredible fans, but one legendary actress recently shared she’s addicted to the franchise, much to viewers surprise. While The Bachelor has been on the air for over 20 years, the series has been able to garner some huge acclaim in the last few years with the additions to the programming lineup in the franchise. Especially coming off the success of The Golden Bachelor, the franchise has a renewed sense of success. While many who watch the show are average viewers, there are also many high-profile people who currently belong to Bachelor Nation.

According to a recent interview with US Weekly, legendary soap star Susan Lucci shared that she’s “totally addicted” to The Bachelor and The Golden Bachelor, securing her spot in Bachelor Nation. Susan shared, “My mother used to watch The Bachelor and I made fun of her…Now, years later, I’m totally addicted to The Bachelor — including The Golden Bachelor!” A fan of the franchise, Susan explained that in the past, she would mock her mother for watching the reality TV series and its spin-offs, but the daytime emmy winning actress has found herself enjoying the dating shows in recent years.

“My mother used to watch The Bachelor and I made fun of her”


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The Bachelor Franchise Has Many Celebrity Fans

While Susan may have been a surprising addition to the list, there are many celebrities who find themselves glued to their TVs on Monday nights, ready to watch the newest episode of The Bachelor or one of its many spin-offs. Some celebrities, like actress Sarah Hyland, have become part of the Bachelor Nation family by marrying former contestants, while others, like Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, have been able to join in on the fun with the series simply by sharing about their fandom. Other celebrity fans include Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence, and Kim Kardashian among others.

With stars joining in on the fun of Bachelor nation, many are excited for what’s to come. As Joey Graziadei’s journey wraps up on The Bachelor season 28, many are looking forward to the first installment of The Golden Bachelorette, which ABC will begin airing this fall. While little is known about the series, many hope that it will reflect a similar tone to The Golden Bachelor, sharing an authentic, vulnerable story. With Bachelor Nation including some of the most interesting, honest love stories to the air in recent seasons, it’s not surprising it has friends in high places.

As Bachelor Nation fans continue to come out of the woodwork and share their love of the series, the show will continue to capitalize on having such a broad viewership. For those who love the series, knowing that their favorite celebrities are fans of it as well is a nice perk. Understanding that shows like The Bachelor offer a universal story for many is a great point of connection for those who share a love of the series.

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