Tokyo Vice Season 2 Episode 7 Recap: 12 Biggest Reveals
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Tokyo Vice Season 2 Episode 7 Recap: 12 Biggest Reveals

WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS ahead for Tokyo Vice season 2, episode 7.




  • Jake reunites with his family in Missouri only to be pulled back into Tokyo’s crime beat by new developments.
  • Tensions rise in the Chihara-Kai as Tozawa boldly attends Ishida’s funeral, brewing chaos with the new Oyabun Hayama.
  • As secrets unravel, Samantha becomes a suspect in Ishida’s murder, while Shinjiro’s confession implicates Tozawa.

Tokyo Vice season 2, episode 7 “The War at Home” features Jake Adelstein’s long-awaited homecoming to the United States while the investigation into Oyabun Ishida’s assassination continues. With only three episodes left of Tokyo Vice season 2, there are still many key questions left to answer regarding Ishida’s death, Tozawa’s rise, and a number of potential betrayers such as Hayama, Baku, and even Samantha or Nagata. Jake is able to take a deep breath back home in Missouri until further developments pull him right back into Tokyo’s volatile underground crime beat.

Following the shocking death of Ishida in Tokyo Vice season 2, episode 5, the Chihara-Kai has maintained its calm even with the impulsive Hayama acting as the temporary Oyabun. Ishida whispered something to Sato on his deathbed in Tokyo Vice season 2, episode 6, information that has yet to be revealed in the latest episode of the acclaimed HBO/MAX original series. Tensions continue to rise in “The War at Home” despite the various scenes of Jake’s quaint and supportive home life that display a stark contrast between the life he currently lives and the one he left behind.

12 Jake Gets Picked Up At The Airport By His Sister Jessica

Jessica says it’s been hard without Jake around

Jake and Jessica in Tokyo Vice season 2 episode 7

At the start of Tokyo Vice season, episode 7, Jake is met at the St. Louis airport by his younger sister Jessica, who is incredibly excited to see him. Jessica drives Jake home and hears all about Jake’s life in Tokyo on the crime beat, even discovering that Jake has met a girl out there. She jokes that Jake could have a wife and kids out there for all she knew, noting how long Jake has been gone and how he hardly finds the time to phone home despite essentially creating his own schedule.

11 Tozawa Shows Up To Ishida’s Funeral Service

Hayama plans a rash retaliation against Tozawa

Tozawa and Hayama in Tokyo Vice season 2 episode 7

Tozawa pulls another stunning move by showing up to Ishdia’s funeral in a room full of Chihara-Kai members. Tozawa boldly walks up to Hayama and expresses his condolences, which nearly sends the impulsive Hayama through the roof. The Chihara-Kai members, inclduing Sato and the head boss Tanaka, maintain their composure, as Tanaka only stays for a brief moment. The audacity Tozawa has to “pay respects” to the man he is suspected of having killed shows his formidable gall and fearlessness.

10 Samantha Becomes A Suspect In Ishida’s Murder

Katagiri tells her not to leave Tokyo

Samantha in Tokyo Vice season 2 episode 7

Samantha is confronted by Superintendent Nagata and Katagiri for suspiciously withholding information from the police regarding Ishida’s assassins. Nagata questions why Samantha failed to inform them that the assassins had matching tattoos on their wrists despite one being red and the other black. Samantha rationally explains that she was in shock and couldn’t remember every detail. Her lack of full transparency, however, forces Katagiri to instruct Samantha not to leave Tokyo anytime soon. Later, Samantha oddly asks an insurance lawyer when she should expect the insurance money.


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Oyabun Ishida’s final message to Sato in Tokyo Vice season 2 will likely have major implications for the rest of the acclaimed MAX original series.

9 Ishida’s Killer Reveals That Tozawa Hired Him

Katagiri tells Shinjiro he either faces prison or death

Shinjiro and Katagiri in Tokyo Vice season 2 episode 7

Katagiri interrogates Shinjiro after the assassin strangely showed up at his house in Tokyo Vice season 2, episode 6. Shinjiro admits that Tozawa had taken advantage of his desperate situation and promised him a large payout for taking out Ishida, which turned out to be a lie. Shinjiro informs Katagiri where the murder weapon is, which enables Shinjiro to get a manslaughter charge from the District Attorney rather than double homicide. Shinjiro’s cooperation allows him to avoid a death sentence, contingent on his confession and testimony in court.

8 Eimi Assigns Tin Tin To Go Through A Colleague’s Archives

The Meicho employee is likely their boss Baku

Eimi and Tin Tin in Tokyo Vice season 2 epiosde 7

Eimi is encouraged by both Shingo and Meicho executive Ozaki to continue her pursuit on Tozawa. This could potentially involve Baku and the person responsible for starting the Meicho fire that destroyed the Yoshino tape in Tokyo Vice season 2, episode 1. Eimi discreetly recruits Tin Tin to assist her by pulling up a certain Meicho colleague’s archival articles, which he agrees to do quietly. The colleague is most likely their lead editor Baku, who has been suggested to be on Tozawa’s payroll.

7 Jake Reconnects With His Father At His Birthday Party

Jake also gets a job offer to write for a U.S. newspaper

Jake's dad in Tokyo Vice season 2 epiosde 7

Back home in Missouri, Jake’s family is ecstatic to have him home and in attendance for his dad’s 60th birthday party. Jake and his dad are able to reconnect over a beer by the fire, during which Jake promises that he will participate in Jessica’s Q&A school assignment. Jake also discovers that his sister had been admitted to an inpatient treatment program for a few weeks but has shown great signs of improvement. Further, Jake is given a job offer by a friend of his father’s to write for a major St. Louis newspaper if he were to move back home.


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Tokyo Vice season 2 effectively expands its season 1 ensemble cast, creating a well-balanced series that doesn’t rely on its A-list protagonist.

6 Sato Tells Kaito He Will Get Him Out Of Chihara-Kai

Sato reveals that Hayama has been lying to Kaito

Sato and Kaito in Tokyo Vice season 2 epiosde 7

Sato tries to discreetly tell Kaito that he will find a way for him to get out of the Chihara-Kai, a promise that even he knows he likley can’t keep. Sato tells Kaito that Hayama has no honor, a comment that is overheard by a loyal yakuza. Sato pulls Kaito into another room to discuss privately how Hayama has been manipulating and lying to him the entire time in order to gain leverage on Sato, something that the booksmart and eager Kaito has failed to see for himself.

5 Shinjiro Is Shot & Killed On Way To The Courthouse

An assassin on a motorcycle took him out in traffic

Katagiri and Shinjiro in Tokyo Vice season 2 epiosde 7

On the way to the courthouse where Shinjiro will give his testimony against Tozawa, an assassin on a motorcycle does a successful drive by shooting and kills Shinjiro. Katagiri and Nagata are also in the car but survive. Whoever Shinjiro’s assassin is, he is incredibly precise, shooting him directly in the neck for a confirmed kill. Katagiri gets out of the car and fires at the speeding motorcycle but fails to hit his mark. Without Shinjiro’s testimony, Tozawa remains innocent for another day.

4 Hayama Banishes Sato From The Chihara-Kai

A yakuza overheard Sato complaining about Hayama

Sato walking alone in Tokyo Vice season 2 epiosde 7

The yakuza who overheard Sato badmouthing Hayama ratted him out, leading to a dramatic confrontation between Sato and Hayama. Kaito looks on in terror as Hayama beats Sato until he starts to fight back. Realizing he has no power or loyalty in the Chirhara-Kai without Ishida, Sato folds, especially after Hayama threatens to murder Kaito right ther in front of him. Hayama bans Sato from the Chihara-Kai for life, sending him down a rogue path where he has no clear allies but many enemies.


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One of the biggest unanswered questions in Tokyo Vice season 2 is who destroyed the Yoshino tape that would have implicated Tozawa in Polina’s murder.

3 Katagiri Asks Jake To Cut His Family Visit Short & Fly To Minneapolis

Tozawa had his liver transplant at the Southern Minnesota Medical Center

Katagiri on the phone in Tokyo Vice season 2 episode 7

Despite Jake’s promise to visit his family for a few days, he receives a call from Katagiri urging him to go to Minnesota to follow a lead on Tozawa. Jake understands the disappointment this will cause for his family and initially denies Katagiri’s request. Katagiri explains that if Jake does not act quickly, more innocent people could die, failing to mention the recent death of Shinjiro during their conversation that has Katagiri fearing for his own family. Jake reluctantly agrees and tells his family he’ll be back the next day.

2 Jake Visits The Medical Center & Blackmails The Head Transplant Surgeon

Jake knows the doctor fast-tracked Tozawa’s liver transplant

Jake in Tokyo Vice season 2 epiosde 7

With the help of Jake’s dad, Jake is able to meet with the Head of Transplantation at the Southern Minnesoata Medical Center in Minneapolis. Katagiri informs him that Tozawa somehow got off the U.S. no-fly list and jumped ahead on the waitlist to get a liver transplant in a matter of days. Jake notices the surgeon’s watch and quickly deduces that Tozawa must have bribed him in order to get such a rapid liver replacement. The doctor, exposed, has no choice but to explain himself to Jake.

1 Kaito Shoots 3 Members Of The Tozawa Clan

Kaito’s naive ambition could start a yakuza turf war

Kaito in Tokyo Vice season 2 epiosde 7

In the final scene of Tokyo Vice season 2, epsiode 7, two armed gunmen run up on a Tozawa club and shoot 3 yakuza and one causality. From the brief scene alone, 2 of the Tozawa members appear to be dead, while the third was only shot in the shoulder and ends up killing another innocent person. The gunmen flee the scene on a bus, where they both take their masks off. One of the gunmen is Kaito who is wearing the white sneakers that Jake has given Sato, setting the stage for an all-out war between the Chihara-Kai and Tozawa clan in the remaining episodes of Tokyo Vice season 2.

Tokyo Vice Season 2 Poster Featuring the Cast Standing in Front of Neon Lights

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