Top St. Patrick’s Day Movies to Stream for a Touch of Irish
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Top St. Patrick’s Day Movies to Stream for a Touch of Irish

Looking to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day beyond green attire and festive parades? There are movies and shows available that help you do just that with a celebration of Irish culture, history, and storytelling. Here’s our curated list of films available to stream that are perfect for honoring St. Patty’s Day. Each offers a unique glimpse into the Irish experience.

Older Than Ireland (2015, Tubi)

A truly captivating documentary, “Older Than Ireland” tells the story of a hundred years of life in Ireland seen through the eyes of thirty centenarians. Directed by Alex Fegan, this film offers a poignant and humorous look at what it means to have lived beyond the century mark, encompassing a long timeline of experiences from the Easter Rising to the advent of the internet.

Acclaimed for its intimate portrayal of Ireland’s oldest citizens, “Older Than Ireland” provides a fascinating glimpse into the personal histories and insights of a generation that has witnessed profound social and technological changes. Clebrated for capturing the spirit of Ireland through its authentic and touching interviews, this documentary is a must-watch for those looking to connect with the heart and soul of Irish culture.

Stream Older Than Ireland on Tubi

The Luck of the Irish (2001, Disney+)

A family-friendly Disney Channel original movie, “The Luck of the Irish” follows Kyle Johnson, a young teenager who discovers his family’s strange heritage after losing his lucky coin. What follows is a fantastical journey of self-discovery. The story explores themes like identity, heritage, and the true meaning of luck.

“The Luck of the Irish” has become a beloved classic among audiences who grew up with Disney Channel’s lineup of original movies. Its lighthearted approach to exploring deeper themes of heritage and identity, along with magical elements and humor, makes it a film that families can enjoy together. The film’s enduring popularity underscores the appeal of stories that blend real-life issues with elements of fantasy and adventure.

Stream The Luck of the Irish on Disney+

Leprechaun (Peacock)

“Leprechaun” is a horror-comedy film that introduced audiences to a malevolent and greedy leprechaun, played by Warwick Davis, who will stop at nothing to regain his stolen pot of gold. Unforgettable in goth good and…uh, interesting ways, this movie blends elements of horror with dark humor, setting the stage for a cult classic that spawned several sequels.

Since its release, “Leprechaun” has secured its place in the realm of cult horror films, notable for its unique blend of scares and laughs. Warwick Davis’s portrayal of the leprechaun has been particularly praised for its balance of menace and wit to the titular villain. While not a traditional St. Patrick’s Day film, “Leprechaun” spins it into a Halloween hybrid, offering an entertaining, if unconventional, way to dive into a bit of Irish folklore.

Stream Leprechaun on Peacock

The O’Briens (Tubi)

“The O’Briens” is an Irish comedy-drama that follows the story of a dispersed family reuniting in their hometown in the West of Ireland. The group gathers at their father’s request, to confront old conflicts, rekindle relationships, and rediscover their bonds.

Family ties are held close in this film and it’s portrayal of forgiveness and reconciliation rings true for so many watching. “The O’Briens” captures the essence of Irish family life, with its picturesque setting and witty dialogue showcases the beauty and complexity of coming home. The title presents a warm, humorous, and touching portrayal of the challenges in a family’s life.

Stream The O’Briens on Tubi

Belfast (2021, Amazon Prime)

Directed by Kenneth Branagh, “Belfast” is a semi-autobiographical film about a young boy’s childhood amid the turmoil in late-1960s Northern Ireland. Belfast beautifully captures childhood innocence juxtaposed against the backdrop of social upheaval, as seen through eyes of young Buddy navigating the changing world around him.

The beautiful storytelling in “Belfast” is accentuated with stunning cinematography, and compelling performances. The film offers a deeply personal and universally relatable look at the impact of historical events on everyday lives, earning critical acclaim and several awards. Its unflinching reflection on family, memory, and identity makes “Belfast” an essential watch for those seeking a touching and immersive cinematic experience this St. Patrick’s Day.

Stream Belfast on Amazon Prime

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