Truth Social is Launching a Live TV Streaming Service
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Truth Social is Launching a Live TV Streaming Service

Today, the social media company Truth Social’s parent company, TMTG, announced plans to launch a live TV streaming service. The new streaming service will reportedly focus on live TV, including news networks, religious channels, family-friendly content, including films and documentaries, and other content that has been canceled is at risk of cancellation, or is being suppressed on other platforms and services.

Here is how Truth Social plans to roll out its new streaming service.

  • Phase 1: Introduce Truth Social’s CDN for streaming live TV to the Truth Social app for Android, iOS, and Web.
  • Phase 2: Release stand-alone Truth Social over-the-top (“OTT”) streaming apps for phones, tablets, and other devices.
  • Phase 3: Release Truth Social streaming apps for home TV.

“We’re excited to move forward with the next big phase for Truth Social,” said TMTG the parent company of Truth SOcial CEO Devin Nunes. “With our streaming content, we aim to provide a permanent home for high-quality news and entertainment that face discrimination by other channels and content delivery services. There is a lot of great content that simply can’t find an audience for unjust reasons, and we want to let these creators know they’ll soon have a guaranteed platform where they won’t be cancelled.”

Truth Social has not announced a launch date for the service, channel line up, or cost for the new service.

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