Vanessa Lachey Defends This Controversial Love Is Blind Season 6 Star After Reunion
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Vanessa Lachey Defends This Controversial Love Is Blind Season 6 Star After Reunion


  • Host Vanessa Lachey defends Love Is Blind cast member Trevor Sova for being in a pre-existing relationship during the experiment.
  • Trevor’s actions during the pod phase could be hurtful to both women; Vanessa emphasizes the importance of honesty in the process.
  • While some may be seeking fame, Love Is Blind casting focuses on participants genuinely looking for love and long-term relationships.



Love Is Blind host Vanessa Lachey spoke out in defense of season 6 cast member Trevor Sova, who was discovered to have been in a pre-existing relationship while in the experiment. Love Is Blind season 6 has brought a new group of singles together and given them the opportunity to find love in the most unique of circumstances. While the pod phase was only the earliest part of the experiment, the cast had a tremendous amount of drama sight unseen. Trevor, who was left heartbroken after Chelsea Blackwell chose Jimmy Presnell over him, had a secret during the pod phase.

“I think he didn’t realize the scope of what this meant”

During the Love Is Blind season 6 reunion, host Vanessa and her husband Nick Lachey asked Trevor to defend himself, showing texts he’d shared with his girlfriend from the outside world before and after the experiment. In an interview with People, Vanessa defended Trevor against Love Is Blind viewers. “I think he didn’t realize the scope of what this meant,” Vanessa shared, “I’m proud of him for coming and saying his piece.” Trevor had a difficult time explaining himself, but ultimately shared that he’d treated the experiment as though it was real, despite others feeling he’d used it for fame.


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Trevor Sova’s Actions “Could Be Hurtful To Both Women”

While Vanessa explained that she feels, “it’s just not fair to everyone if you’re holding back or lying to other people there,” she did feel that Trevor was operating under some false pretenses of what he expected from the show. While Trevor appeared to be living a lie while on Love Is Blind, he explained he’d given his best efforts in the pods, and hearing just how potentially hurtful his actions could’ve been was difficult. “I don’t know that he really understood the scope of it,” Vanessa reiterated, “and I’m hoping that he…sees that could be hurtful to both women.”

Though most Love Is Blind participants understand the public element to the series, the people casting the show try to find personalities who aren’t only in the process to get famous. Working hard to cast participants who are actually looking for love and want to move into long-term relationships, the casting team did a great job with the rest of the Love Is Blind season 6 cast featured some of the most honest, open participants in ages. Even with Trevor potentially just looking for fame, it was clear that there was some deep emotion to the experience for him.

As Love Is Blind season 6 has come to a close, it’s been clear that there were some participants who were more invested in making genuine connections than others. While the series has brought new couples into the spotlight, the messy breakups throughout the season are what’s been touched on the most, along with scandals like Trevor’s pre-existing relationship. Though it’s possible Trevor was being genuine within the experiment, giving him the grace and the space to work through whatever issues he’s dealing with is what Love Is Blind host Vanessa is suggesting for viewers.

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Sources: People, Love Is Blind/Instagram

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