What Did Austin & Becca Choose On Decision Day? (SPOILERS)
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What Did Austin & Becca Choose On Decision Day? (SPOILERS)

This article contains spoilers for Married At First Sight season 17.




  • Becca and Austin chose to stay married on Decision Day, but their relationship hit a major bump shortly after.
  • Austin broke Becca’s trust by going out with a producer after complaining about cameras impacting their marriage.
  • Becca confronted Austin about the incident with the producer, leading to doubts about their future together.

Married At First Sight season 17’s Becca Haley and Austin Reed have struggled throughout their relationship, but did their time together come to an end on Decision Day, or did they choose to continue to work on their relationship? The complicated connection between Becca and Austin was interesting for viewers to watch, as the pair were happy together throughout the majority of their marriage. Becca was looking for more intimacy with Austin, who wanted to take things slow and seemed like there was something stopping him from prioritizing Becca fully throughout his time on Married At First Sight season 17.

During their time together, Becca and Austin clashed over more minor things, like their lifestyles and interests, as well as some more major things, like intimacy and religion, but they truly cared for one another and wanted to make things work. Both felt hopeful that if they put in the work, it would be easy for them to build a genuine relationship from their match. Their final meeting with the Married At First Sight experts came at an interesting time, as Becca had been struggling with Austin’s inability to let go of the way he was being perceived on camera.

Austin Chose To Stay Married

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Although it wasn’t very surprising, Austin chose to stay married to Becca on the Married At First Sight season 17 Decision Day episode. Austin has been working hard to stay in their marriage and build their relationship, at least according to his measurements. While Becca has shared she has insecurities about his lack of desire for her and the fact that he’s so preoccupied with the way he’ll be perceived on camera, Austin’s told her he wants to improve without taking much action. While he hasn’t seemed to put much effort in, he didn’t want to give up their relationship.

Becca Chose To Stay Married

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Somewhat more surprisingly, Becca also shared that she wanted to stay married to Austin. After their conversation with the experts, Becca explained that though she did have some issues with the way their relationship was functioning, she wasn’t interested in giving up just yet. Austin and Becca’s marriage has been tricky, but in the moment’s it’s been good, Becca has been happy with the person the Married At First Sight experts set her up with. She shared that she wanted to see more from Austin, hopeful they could make things work and reevaluate where they were in a few days.

Becca, who shared that she’d been struggling with whether or not she could fully trust Austin to prioritize her, explained that she was still in their relationship on a trial period. While she wanted to make things work with Austin, she also wasn’t convinced they were the right fit, either. She explained that she wanted to continue to try with her MAFS husband and see if they could make their relationship function a bit more smoothly without the cameras or producers present. She felt strongly that the absence of the cameras would be important in seeing if their marriage worked.

The Couple Felt Optimistic About The Future

Although Becca and Austin were both tentative about continuing their marriage, they shared that they were feeling optimistic about moving forward together. Becca explained that the coming days were going to be an interesting test for them, because the lack of cameras would be big in their ultimate decision about their marriage. Austin shared that he was ready to put in the effort, and while Becca was nervous about what was to come, she was excited to see what happened next. The pair left Decision Day together, both feeling ready to take on the next chapter of their lives alone.

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During a clip Becca filmed alone from home, she explained that it was just hours after Decision Day filming had ended, and she was on her own. Austin had gone out with Brennan Shoykhet for a drink after their day of filming, and while she’d trusted him to go on his own, a message she’d received from Clare Kerr and Emily Balch had rattled her. Becca’s MAFS season 17 co-stars had shared that they’d seen Austin and Brennan with one of their Married At First Sight producers, which immediately had been a red flag for Becca after Austin’s consistent complaining.

While it wasn’t clear if Becca suspected something had happened between Austin and the producer or if she was simply mad that he was out with a member of the production staff after complaining about how much the cameras were impacting their relationship, she was angry about his decision. She shared that Austin had broken her trust, and she wasn’t sure that he’d ever prioritize her the way she wanted. Becca said that she’d given Austin dozens of chances to put her first, and he’d failed miserably every time. She wasn’t sure she could move forward comfortably in their relationship.

Becca Confronted Austin At A Group Outing

During an outing with the entire MAFS season 17 cast, Becca chose to confront Austin about where he’d been the night before and what he’d been doing. Austin, who didn’t know that Becca had spoken to Clare and Emily, shared that he’d been out with Brennan and didn’t mention the producer they’d had with them. When Becca called him out on it, Austin lied and the other women jumped to her defense quickly. Explaining that it wasn’t exactly what Becca thought, Austin tried to give an answer about the night that wasn’t entirely truthful, but wasn’t exactly a lie, either.

Becca explained that the fact that Austin felt comfortable lying to her about the night out along with the fact that he hadn’t told her about it begin with was the last straw for her. She shared that she wasn’t sure she could ever trust Austin to take care of her the way she needed him to, and while Austin looked stricken about the idea of her ending things this way, he wasn’t having luck changing her mind. Becca explained that she thought Austin would make a great husband for someone, someday, but that likely wasn’t her at this point.

Their Relationship Still Hangs In The Balance

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Although the couple’s fight seemed to end the Married At First Sight relationship, Becca and Austin still haven’t formally broken up on the series. While Becca seemed adamant that their relationship was over, Austin didn’t really have a chance to speak with her privately about what had happened. As their relationship hangs in the balance, it’s possible that the Married At First Sight couple could still try to make things work, or it could be time to call it quits for the couple who’s struggled from the very beginning.

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