When Is The Finale & How Many Episodes Are Left?
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When Is The Finale & How Many Episodes Are Left?


  • Survivor 46 features new cast in 90-minute episodes, with a current season that boasts 13 episodes and a finale set for May 22, 2024.
  • Despite differing opinions on gameplay, Survivor remains a popular reality TV show with a large following of loyal fans eagerly awaiting each new episode.
  • The current season of Survivor is shorter in days but still promises exciting and cutthroat gameplay that will keep viewers engaged to see who will emerge as the Sole Survivor.



Survivor 46 is finally here with another season of one of the longest-running reality TV competition series, and many are already wondering how many episodes there will be in the season and when the finale will air. With longer episodes than ever before, Survivor 46 will make history with its brand-new cast. Airing 90-minute episodes throughout the season, the Survivor 46 premiere was a whopping 2 hours and introduced the cast to viewers, seeing them divided into their new tribes and competing in the first challenge of the season. The new castaways are all hopeful they’ll be named Sole Survivor.

In its 46th season, Survivor is one of the most popular reality TV competition shows on the air. With a massive group of players who have been a part of Survivor over the years, the series has a huge following of fans who have some serious opinions on the game. Survivor, which began airing in 2000, has consistently revamped itself to continually be fresh and exciting for its viewers. Though some take issue with the style of gameplay in the current seasons, others look forward to a competition that’s like no other.


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When Is The Survivor 46 Finale?

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Survivor 46 will air its final episode of the season after 13 episodes, which means the finale of Survivor 46 will be on May 22, 2024. The series films the competitors over the course of 26 days, but breaks the near-month of competition down into a series of episodes that focuses on competitors and tribal councils where players are eliminated. With such a tight filming schedule, Survivor 46’s episode count is likely surprising to some viewers.

How Many Episodes Are Left In Survivor 46?

Survivor 46’s premiere episode has aired, meaning there are currently 12 episodes left in the season. In previous seasons of the series, Survivor ran much longer. Originally, castaways were stranded for up to 40 days, which took serious tolls on some competitors health. In the last decade of Survivor, the series has shortened its run to just 26 days of competition, making for an exciting season.

As Survivor 46 gets underway, the competition seems stiff for the castways stranded on the Mamanuca islands in Fiji where the series is filmed. For Survivor viewers, the series is offering another exciting chance for them to meet new castaways and see exciting, cutthroat strategies that could change the way the game is played forever. As the season heats up, Survivor 46 viewers won’t be disappointed in the exciting new season of their favorite series.


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