Where To Watch Imaginary: Showtimes & Streaming Status
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Where To Watch Imaginary: Showtimes & Streaming Status

Blumhouse has another horror movie ready for audiences, and this is where to watch Imaginary in theaters with showtimes or on streaming later.


  • Blumhouse debuts new horror movie ‘Imaginary’ based on evil imaginary friends, offers various viewing options for audiences.
  • ‘Imaginary’ directed by Jeff Wadlow features a woman facing childhood friend turned vengeful, aims to create a chilling narrative.
  • Lionsgate collaboration with Blumhouse makes ‘Imaginary’ exclusive theatrical release, possible streaming in August 2024.



Blumhouse has another horror movie based around evil imaginary friends, and there are options for where to watch Imaginary. The studio has become known for delivering memorable scary movies over the last several years. The latest 2024 horror movie comes from director Jeff Wadlow (Truth or Dare, Fantasy Island). Imaginary follows a woman played by DeWanda Wise who is reunited with her childhood imaginary friend as the bear Chauncey begins influencing her daughter and seeks revenge for being abandoned.

Following the success of films like Five Nights at Freddy’s and M3GAN in 2023, there is a chance that Blumhouse will have another surprise hit on its hands with Imaginary. Horror movies typically perform well in theaters if there is enough buzz due to the communal aspect of viewing them. However, there is also sustained interest in titles as they become available on streaming services. Regardless of how someone wants to watch Imaginary, there are different ways to accomplish that goal depending on time and availability.


Blumhouse’s First 2024 Horror Movie Is So Different 1 Year After M3GAN’s $180M Success

It’s been almost one full year since M3GAN was released and became a box office hit, but Blumhouse’s first 2024 horror movie is so different.

Imaginary Releases In Theaters On March 8, 2024

Imaginary Movie Poster


From Blumhouse Productions comes Imaginary, a horror film by director Jeff Wadlow. In the movie, a woman returns to her childhood home and rediscovers her imaginary friend isn’t all that imaginary, left bitter from the abandonment they experienced.

Jeff Wadlow

Release Date
March 6, 2024

Greg Erb , Bryce McGuire , Jason Oremland

Blumhouse teamed up with Lionsgate to make Imaginary, resulting in the film receiving an exclusive theatrical release at the start. The first chance to see the movie is in theaters with its March 8, 2024 release date. This is over a month later than expected, as Lionsgate and Blumhouse delayed Imaginary from its original February 2024 release date. How long Imaginary plays in theaters will depend on its box office, as it will need to be successful to keep sufficient showtimes.

Find Showtimes For Imaginary

Theatrical showtimes from Friday, March 8 onward can be found via the links below:

When Will Imaginary Release On Streaming?

Lionsgate has not confirmed when Imaginary‘s streaming release date is, but the expectation is that it will be a long wait. The studio typically waits six months after a film’s theatrical release to move it to a streaming service. In this case, that would mean Imaginary could release on streaming in August 2024. The movie is expected to stream on Peacock once the time comes due to Lionsgate’s deal with NBCUniversal, which gives Peacock all Lionsgate movies during the Pay 2 window.

When Will Imaginary Release On Digital?

Girl looking terrified at monster bear in Imaginary trailer

Those wanting to watch Imaginary at home might not have to wait quite as long, though. Lionsgate’s trend with several notable recent movies was to make them available on all major PVOD services after only three weeks. This would mean that audiences could buy or rent Imaginary on digital by late March or early April 2024 if the same patterns hold. The only reason it could take longer is if Imaginary proves to be a strong performer at the box office.

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