Who Dies In Aquaman & The Lost Kingdom?
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Who Dies In Aquaman & The Lost Kingdom?


  • The demise of the lost kingdom’s King Kordax at the hands of Aquaman and Orm marks a significant turning point in “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.”
  • Black Manta’s fate is left uncertain, but his pride ultimately leads to his potential demise in the icy ruin of Necrus.
  • Contrary to prevailing theories, Aquaman’s entire family survives the events of the film, including his son, providing a somewhat brighter ending to the DCEU.



Warning! This article contains spoilers for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom ends both the Aquaman franchise and the wider DCEU, and several characters don’t make it out of the movie alive. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom‘s cast of characters is varied, from heroes like Arthur Curry to a redeemed Orm and Dolph Lundgren’s returning Nereus. Conversely, the villainous roster of the film includes Black Manta, who seeks revenge against Arthur for the events of 2018’s Aquaman, alongside a host of monsters belonging to the titular lost kingdom of Necrus.

Given the film’s climactic clash of forces, several characters are lost by the time of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom‘s post-credit scene. While the looming reboot of James Gunn and Peter Safran’s DCU means it’s unlikely the surviving characters of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom‘s story will continue, the film manages to end a handful of character arcs. Some of Aquaman 2‘s arcs are capped with satisfying conclusions to their stories, but others end using character deaths as the DCEU draws to a close.


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The Lost Kingdom’s King Kordax Dies

The Film’s Hidden Main Villain Is Killed By The Heroics Of Aquaman And Orm.

The first casualty of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is the titular civilization’s King Kordax. Kordax was revealed as the leader of Necrus, the lost kingdom around which the film’s story centers. Kordax once battled against his brother, King Atlan, for dominion over the seven kingdoms. Kordax lost the war and was subsequently cursed to remain frozen under Antarctica for centuries using Atlan’s blood pact. However, Black Manta uncovers Kordax’s weapon, the Black Trident, and uses it to free Kordax from his imprisonment.


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Aquaman and Orm oppose Kordax after his resurrection, which results in his demise at the hands of the two brothers. Aquaman throws the Black Trident at the villain, which the latter catches with relative ease. In a bid to catch Kordax unawares, Orm tosses his brother’s trident to Aquaman, who then throws it at Kordax. Atlan’s trident crashes through the Black Trident and impales Kordax, thus ending the threat of both the king and Necrus.

Black Manta Seemingly Dies

Black Manta’s Fate Is Left Uncertain, Though He Likely Died

The final act of Aquaman 2 disappointingly sidelines Black Manta in favor of Kordax becoming the main villain. This happens after Black Manta is defeated by Aquaman, meaning he does not show up again until after the brief fight between Arthur, Orm, and the leader of Necrus. After Kordax’s death, the kingdom of Necrus begins falling apart, with the citadel and its surrounding buildings crumbling beneath the ice.

This causes Black Manta to fall between a crack in the icy floor where the villain hangs on for his life. In a show of heroics, Aquaman offers to save Black Manta. He kneels next to the crevice, offering the villain his hand. However, Manta lets go and falls to his death beneath the crumbling ruin of Necrus. While Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom does not confirm that Manta died, his weakened state and the lack of hints that the villain survived seemingly confirm his demise.

The reason why Black Manta does not take Aquaman’s hand and survive is based on the first movie and the source of his hatred against Arthur. In the first film, Arthur killed Black Manta’s father, leading the villain to vow revenge against the king of Atlantis. As such, it is Manta’s pride that stops him from accepting Aquaman’s help. Black Manta would rather die than be helped by the man who killed his father, accepting his own fate as he falls to his death.

Aquaman’s Entire Family Survives – Including His Son

One of the prevailing theories of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom was that some of Arthur’s family members would be killed. The trailers and the film’s story make it clear that Black Manta is targeting Aquaman’s family as the hero once did his. As such, many assumed that Thomas Curry and Arthur’s son would be killed in the film in order to provide Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom‘s story with an adequate amount of emotional depth – as happens in the comics.


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Midway through the film, it seemed as though these theories would come true. For one, Thomas Curry was attacked by Black Manta so that the villain could kidnap baby Arthur. Manta planned to sacrifice Arthur Jr. to free Necrus of its curse, as only a member of Atlan’s bloodline has the power to do so. However, Thomas Curry survived Black Manta’s attack thanks to the advancement of Atlantean technology, meaning one of the more commonly held theories of Aquaman 2 was proven wrong by the film’s ending.

Concerning Arthur Jr., the character was saved by his father in the final act. Mera then escaped Necrus with Arthur Jr. which led to Aquaman’s confrontation with Black Manta and Kordax. As such, the many theories about the deaths of Aquaman’s family were proven wrong by the time of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom‘s ending. This means that – throughout Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom‘s entire story – only villainous characters meet their end, meaning the DCEU culminates with somewhat of a brighter story than the films that began the franchise in 2013.

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